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Workforce Development Board


Federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (HR1384, House Report 105-659); Action of the Board of Commissioners 5/9/00.


Created for the purpose of providing a variety of information and referral services for individuals unable to find employment. The Board is charged with the responsibility for directing local workforce programs, designating local "One-Stop" operators and eligible providers of training services and utilizing federal funds effectively.

The Board is composed of representatives from a wide cross-section of community interests, including businesses, labor unions, educational institutions, non-profit service organizations and other community groups, with a majority being from the business community. There is no pre-determined number of members that make up the Board; however, a majority of the members must come from the business community.

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners appoints all members. Appointments were ratified by the Board on April 8, 2003 due to discrepancies in the appointment method. Therefore, although the majority of the Board members had served on the Board prior to 4/8/03 the "Date Apptd" was reflected as 4/8/03. On August 4, 2008 the Workforce Investment Board amended its by-laws to adjust term limits from the original staggering terms to three (3) year terms with optional additional term. On August 25, 2009, the Board of Commissioners ratified appointments due to discrepancies; therefore, the "Date Appt" is reflected as 8/25/09.

Board Members

  • Mark Gibson  
  • Terence Norman   
  • Tamika Stafford 
  • McKieva Sullivan  
  • Petra Young 
  • Jeff Rogers 
  • Kimberly Roberts 
  • Francia Browne
  • Dr. Frances Roberson 
  • Elizabeth Scott  
  • Valerie Carter 
  • Traron Moore
  • Daneea Badio-McCray
  • Tim Gordon
  • Matt Hoyman
  • McKieva Sullivan
  • Dennis Winslow
  • William Bryant McDaniel
  • Jason Gray
  • Mark Templeton
  • Nicholas Kelland
  • Richard Mohr
  • Patricia Kellner
  • Shane Evans
  • Jim Yarwood
  • Daniel Cummings
  • Jennifer Debusk
  • Steve Foster
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant


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