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Establishment of the Cemetery Preservation Commission


Per BOC minutes of November 13, 1990; Amendment of 3-9-93 regarding method of appointment.


Consists of five (5) members appointed by the BOC who shall be residents of the County who have demonstrated special interest in the identification, preservation and maintenance of Cobb County cemeteries and graveyards.

The Commission shall formulate a county-wide cemetery preservation plan to include identification and location of all known cemeteries in the County, determine status and needs of each cemetery and prioritize rehabilitation, establish and public guidelines regarding cemetery preservation, maintenance, landscaping, security, and development. (See County Code Section 3-8.5 for further duties of Commission.)

After initially staggered terms, members serve terms to run concurrent with that of the appointing Commissioner and at the pleasure of the appointing Commissioner. Members do not receive compensation although they may be reimbursed for expenses approved by the BOC.

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Board Members

Member Name Appointed By Term
Helga Hong, Chair  Commissioner Birrell 12/31/2026
Jimi Richards Commissioner Gambrill 12/31/2026
Andrew Bramlett Chairwoman Cupid 12/31/2024
Mike Jones  Commissioner Cupid 12/31/2020
David Blinkhorn Commissioner Richardson 12/31/2024


Community Development Agency - Planning Division