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Circuit Defender's Office


  • To maintain an indigent defense program as required by state law, and as specified by the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council for those persons who are not able to afford legal representation in criminal cases in Cobb County.
  • To determine eligibility of those individuals requesting a court appointed attorney with the use of an application which includes a financial statement of the defendant. Appointing attorneys to those individuals that qualify as set forth in the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council's guidelines.
  • Maintain a list of qualified attorneys to serve on the panel.
  • Provide support services to the various courts and panel attorneys involved in appointed criminal cases.

For more information, please call (770) 528-1950.

Apply for Circuit Defender Services

Please complete the Application for Circuit Defender Services and Notice to Applicant for Appointed Counsel to be considered for a court appointed attorney. 

After completing the application, please complete the following affidavit required by our office stating that everything on the application is truthful and is the most up to date information.

Once the Application and the Affidavit are received, our office will follow up by phone or email within two (2) business days to begin the process for a court appointed attorney.

Cobb Second Chance Desk

The Cobb Second Chance Desk is a first of its kind help desk resource in Georgia.  It is a partnership between the Georgia Justice Project, the Cobb County Circuit Defender, Cobb County District Attorney, the Office of the Solicitor General of Cobb County, and the Cobb Judicial Circuit. Our goal is to provide advice and self-help assistance to individuals regarding their Cobb County criminal history so they can restrict and seal eligible criminal records.

Visit the Cobb Second Chance Desk

The Circuit Defender will never ask for or accept payment from an applicant or a defendant. If you are contacted by someone requesting that you pay the Circuit Defender, please contact the Circuit Defender's Office directly at 770-528-1950.