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Public Library Board


Ga. Code Sections 20-5-40 through 20-5-44; Motions/Resolutions of the Board of Commissioners on 12/17/68, bylaws adopted on 9/24/1984, rev. 11/26/18. Resolution updating future appointments 3/23/21.


The Cobb County Public Library Board of Trustees is a nine member board appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  Each trustee serves a 3 year term and may serve successive terms.  The trustees set library policy and advise on activities.  The Library holds regular meetings at various library locations on a rotating schedule and are open to the public.  

Board Members

Member Name Appointment Term
Peggy Pool  Commissioner Birrell 12/31/2025
Rachel Gray Commissioner Sheffield 12/31/2025
Abby Shiffman, Chair  Commissioner Richardson 12/31/2023
James Coleman Chairwoman Cupid 12/31/2024
Peggy Holbrook  Commissioner Gambrill 12/31/2024
Martina Goscha Commissioner Birrell 12/31/2026
Jon Jordan Commissioner Richardson 12/31/2024
Lisa Brown Commissioner Gambrill 12/31/2026
Ollye Davis Commissioner Sheffield 12/31/2026


Helen Poyer, Cobb County Public Library Director