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"New Business Guide: Checklists, Advice and Resources"
New Business Guide by Cobb County Economic Development

This New Business Guide is provided as a convenient tool for approaching sequential questions and issues as you take your business from an idea to initial planning, to the commencement of business activities. While this guide covers most of the topics relevant to starting your business, there are variables that may require additional attention. Our team is prepared to answer your questions and to work with you every step of the way.

"Common Violations found in residential neighborhoods"
Common Code Enforcement Violations

The Code Enforcement Division of Community Development is dedicated to ensuring the cleanliness and safety of residential properties by enforcing the Cobb County Official Code of Ordinances. Code Enforcement Officers respond to inquiries received by phone and email, and give residents time to correct violations before citations are given.

Comp Plan 2040 logo
2040 Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan intended to direct the growth and physical development of a community for a 20+ year period. Preparing a comprehensive plan allows for utility, transportation, and community facilities planning, aiding in a more time and cost-effective planning and budgeting program. The plan includes policies relevant to the development of various physical elements that make a community successful, including transportation, housing, recreation, and public facilities.

Zoning Analysis
Zoning Analysis Information

Every month the Zoning Division prepares zoning analysis information, which provides analysis and staff recommendations for all rezoning, special land use permits, land use permit requests and variance requests. These items are presented to the Planning Commission, Board of Commissioners and Board of Zoning Appeals for their review, recommendation, and consideration.