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Establishment of the SPLOST Citizens’ Oversight Committee


Created by resolution of the Board of Commissioners on October 11, 2005. Name changed on November 8, 2011 (formerly known as 2005 One Percent Sales Tax Citizens’ Oversight Committee).


This committee represents the interest of the residents of Cobb County by assuring that the Cobb County Transportation Improvements Program portion of the overall 2005 SPLOST Program and all components of the overall 2011 SPLOST Program are implemented in an expedient, organized and accountable manner, including working with the Board of Commissioners to establish criteria that will enable the Cobb DOT to evaluate and prioritize sidewalk projects.

A citizens group of fifteen (15) members from the community shall be appointed, who shall serve without pay. Each member of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners shall be entitled to appoint three (3) members to the Oversight Committee.

Each member shall serve a term that runs concurrently with the term of the appointing Commissioner and at that Commissioner's pleasure. If an appointing Commissioner is no longer in office due to a general election or special called election, any member appointed by that Commissioner shall be subject to removal without cause by the newly elected Commissioner.

No person who holds elective public office shall be eligible to serve as a member of the Oversight Committee during the term of such elective office, and the position of any member shall be deemed vacant upon such member qualifying as a candidate for elective public office.

A member may be removed from the Oversight Committee by the appointing Commissioner at a Board of Commissioners regularly called meeting.

Vacancies occurring for any reason shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term in the same manner as the original appointment.

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Committee Members

Member Appointed By Term
Alice Summerour Commissioner Birrell 12/31/2026
Frank Wigington Commissioner Birrell 12/31/2026
Stephen Byrne Commissioner Birrell 12/31/2026
Lindsay Edwards Commissioner Sheffield 12/31/2024
Deidra Willis Commissioner Sheffield 12/31/2024
Michael McNeely, Committee Chair Commissioner Sheffield 12/31/2024
Wilmark Harris Chairwoman Cupid 12/31/2024
Matthew Yarbrough Chairwoman Cupid 12/31/2024
Essence Johnson Chairwoman Cupid 12/31/2024
William J. de St. Aubin Commissioner Richardson 12/31/2024
Jacquelyn Bettadapur Commissioner Richardson 12/31/2024
Felicia McDade, Vice Chair Commissioner Richardson 12/31/2024
Jay Cunningham Commissioner Gambrill 12/31/2026
Harvey E. (Gene) Lewis Commissioner Gambrill 12/31/2026
Marline Elkins Commissioner Gambrill 12/31/2026