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Zoning Division

Map of zones in cobb county

Zoning Division

FAQ Topics

What is the zoning of my property?

Zoning designations can be obtained on the Cobb County website online mapping which is located on the Geographic Information Systems page.

How do I ask for a rezoning or a variance on my property?

Rezoning and variance applications can be downloaded from the Forms page, under Land Use.

What are the permitted uses on a property, what are the setbacks on a property, and where can I get information on the rules for accessory structures?

All of this information is contained within the zoning code which can be viewed from the Official Code of Cobb County under Chapter 134, Zoning and navigate to the appropriate district you are interested in. Additional information can be obtained by calling the Zoning Division at (770) 528-2035.

What are the rules for an in-home business?

Information on in-home businesses can be obtained by calling the Zoning Division at (770) 528-2035.

Is this address located in Cobb County?

You may locate your address using the Cobb County website online mapping tool. Visit the Geographic Information Systems page.

What is the suite number of this address?

The customer will need to present a proposed suite numbering setup, and we validate the sequential order of the suite numbers.

This property is not showing an address, how would I go about getting an address for this location?

If a full site permit has been issued, we go ahead and address the property. If not, we send the customer to Site Plan Review.

Information required when receiving a residential address request:

  • Obtain property 11 digit parcel information
  • Current address used
I live in Cobb County, but my address shows as Atlanta. How is this possible?

The city names attached to addresses are based on zip codes. These zip codes are assigned by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to designate delivery routes. The zip code associated with a given address defines which Post Office location will deliver the mail. This Post Office location is added to the street address assigned by Cobb County. There is currently one zip code in Cobb County with an Atlanta zip code - 30339.

GPS users and delivery drivers have trouble finding my location. Can you fix my address in Google and GPS?

Cobb County cannot force the companies who maintain these applications to refresh their data. When requested, we may ask these companies to update their applications, and hope they will comply.

How do I use the online mapping on the website?

This information is located on the Geographic Information Systems page.

How would I go about getting a map and how much will it cost?

We sell pre-made maps, and generally have copies on-hand for sale. Contact the GIS department for additional information (770) 528-2002.

How do I report a zoning code violation?

Code violations are handled by the Code Enforcement Division. You may report a potential zoning code violation on-line.

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Zoning Certificate Information

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