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Lost Pets

German Shepherd Gazing into the Distance
Report a Lost Pet

Is your pet missing? Report it to Animal Services so they can contact you if they find your pet.

Tabby cat with glowing green eyes
Report a Found Pet

Did you find a stray or recognize someone's lost pet? Report it to Animal Services so they can reunite pets with their families.

What do I do if my animal is missing?

The best way to locate your missing animal is to come to the animal shelter during business hours to look for your pet. The shelter is open Tuesday through Sunday, excluding major holidays for your convenience. You can also use the online form to report a lost animal.

When you come to the shelter bring any pictures of the pet and any vet records. This will help Animal Services employees in the identification of your pet if found in the shelter. If the pet is not found it the shelter the employees will assist you in filling out a lost animal report.

The best way to ensure the safe return of your lost pet is for the pet to be wearing a collar with an I. D. Tag, Rabies tag, or to be Micro Chipped. If the animal can be identified in the field by the Animal Services Officer it is likely that the pet will be returned to the owner and not taken to the Animal Services shelter. When the animal is turned in to the Animal Services shelter, the Animal Services personnel will attempt to contact the owner with the information provided on the tag or chip as soon as possible.

Please remember animals will sometimes lose their tags or have them removed by someone. Even if your animal leaves home wearing a collar and tags, there is always a chance the collar may not be on the animal when it is picked up.

How long do you hold animals?

Strays are held five (5) working days (Animal Services working days) prior to the animal being deemed property of Cobb County, in accordance to Cobb County Ordinance Section 10-67. After that time, animals are held for an indefinite period of time. If space is available, the animal is healthy, and not aggressive the animal will be held until adoption or until its status changes.

Animals turned into the shelter by their owner and that meet the requirements for adoption will remain adoptable as long as space is available, the animal remains healthy, and non-aggressive.

What do I have to do to reclaim my animal from Animal Services?

The owner must go to the Animal Services Shelter during normal hours to reclaim the pet. You must bring an I.D. (Drivers License, Georgia I. D., Military I.D., Passport) and proof of ownership such as vet records.

Reclaiming Fees and Boarding Fees

  • Dog Reclaim Fee $50.00 for the first time, $100 each successive time
    Collected upon owner reclaiming their animal.
  • Cat Reclaim Fee $50.00 for the first time, $100 each successive time
    Collected upon owner reclaiming their animal.
  • Daily Boarding Fee $10.00
    Collected from owner reclaiming animal for everyday their animal was housed at facility.