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Development Authority of Cobb County


March 13, 1973 BOC minutes. Activated as created under the Development Authorities Laws, O.C.G.A. 36-62-1 through 36-62-12. Cobb County Code Section 3-21-1 through 3-21-6. 2006 Legislative amendment to O.C.G.A. 36-62-4(a) changed the terms of appointment for all members of the Development Authority from six (6) years to four (4) years.


Created for the purpose of developing and promoting for the public good and general welfare trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities in the County. Authority was created as a body corporate and politic created upon the approval of the Development Authorities Law of 1969, Section 2. Authority consists of seven members appointed by the Board of Commissioners, each of whom is a taxpayer of Cobb County and none of whom is an officer or employee of Cobb County. All terms are for four (4) years. Members receive no compensation.

Board Members

Member Name District / Role Term
J.C. Bradbury District One 03/13/2023
Donna C. Rowe District Two 03/13/2023
Smith Peck District Three 03/13/2023
Jamala McFadden District Four 03/13/2021
Courtney Knight Chair 03/13/2025
Karen Hallacy Board of Commissioners 03/13/2022
Clark Hungerford Board of Commissioners 03/13/2025


Nelson Geter, Executive Director
[email protected]

Jessica Guinn, Community Development Agency Director

[email protected]