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Cumberland Community Improvement District Board


Ga. Laws 1985, p. 4009, Amended Ga. Laws 1988, p. 3887; BOC Resolution of 4-14=88, Item #2 (Special Called Meeting) consenting to creating for the provision of governmental services and facilities specified; BOC approval 6-28-88, Item #28 to enter into cooperation agreement with CID Board;

10-28-93 C.I.D. Board voted to extend life of Community Improvement District for six (6) additional years to expire 4-14-2000; Amended by 1994 Ga. Laws, S.B. 40, Act No. 931.


The CID Board shall study, design and improve existing or proposed public streets, roads and bridges including curbs, drainage, sidewalks, street lights and traffic control devices and acquire right-of-way for such purposes. Governing board of CID activated by BOC resolution consenting to creation and by written consent to creation by majority of owners of real property and at least 75% by value of all real property owners within the district subject to taxes, fees, and assessments levied by the board of the district.

Board composed of a minimum of seven (7) members appointed or elected as follows:

  • one (1) member appointed by BOC;
  • three (3) members (Post 1, 2, & 3) elected by vote of electors (noncontiguous owners of real property within the district);
  • and three (3) members (Posts 4, 5 & 6) elected by vote of equity electors (electors who cast votes equal to each $1,000.00 value of all owned real property within the district which is then subject to taxes, fees and assessments levied by the Board).

In addition to the seven members there shall be one member from each municipality if any portion of the district lies within the incorporated area of such municipality. After initially staggered terms, elected members of the Board serve terms of three (3) yrs.

Appointed members of the Board serve at the pleasure of the appointing governing authority. Board members shall be subject to recall under certain conditions/procedures as specified in the authorizing legislation.

Board members, including appointed board members, shall be electors within the district. Board members receive no compensation for their services but shall be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

Board Members

Member Name Appointed By Term
Matthew Teague Board of Commissioners At the pleasure of the BOC
John Shern, Chair    05/30/2024
Stephen Gentry   05/30/2026
Alex Valente   05/30/2024
Mike Plant    05/30/2023
Chris McCoy   05/30/2023
Bob Voyles    05/30/2023


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