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County Attorney

The County Attorney's Office

The office of the Cobb County Attorney serves Cobb County by providing quality legal representation to all aspects of Cobb County government, including the 5-member Board of County Commissioners, the County Manager, constitutional county officials, numerous county agencies, departments, and employees.

The County Attorney’s Office assists in the preparation of legislation and resolutions, provides legal opinions, and negotiates and reviews contracts.  Our Office represents the county and its officials in civil litigation matters ranging from civil rights and constitutional cases to land use and zoning disputes. 

Open Government and Transparency
Open Records Request

Please note:  The Cobb County Attorney’s Office is not the official custodian of records for all county departments.  Please click here for complete details.

Contact Info

H. William Rowling, Jr., County Attorney
Debbie Blair, Deputy County Attorney

Lauren S. Bruce, Assistant County Attorney
Nancy M. Gallagher, Assistant County Attorney

100 Cherokee Street, Suite 350
Marietta, GA  30090

770-528-4000 (Office)
770-528-4010 (Fax)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I subpoena records and documents as well as persons?

Yes. There is a different type of subpoena for documents or things. This is known as a "subpoena duces tecum." It should be served on the custodian of the document being subpoenaed. Just let the Clerk of Court know the type of subpoena you want.


Water Ledger Balances

We kindly ask that all water ledger balance requests please be sent to Please be sure that your request is on letter head or that your signature in the email that you send has the name of the firm which you represent.

Phase I Site Assessment Request

All Phase I Site Assessment requests should be submitted via email to Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services at

The request must include:

  1. A complete street address (i.e. address number and street name)
  2. When possible, include the nearest cross street to the address
  3. Specific information that is being requested, i.e. under/above ground storage tanks, hazmat spills, fires, etc.

Requests cannot be processed with a parcel or land lot number.

For help locating your parcel or land lot number, please visit the Tax Assessor's site at

For Phase I Requests involving Fire Code Data (i.e., Fire Code Violations, Inspections, etc.), the Fire Code Data request should be sent to