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Hospital Authority of Cobb County


Authorized in 1962 under Ga. Code Ann. Section 99-1503 (now known as Section 31-7-72). BOC minutes of August 7, 1962.


Consists of not less than five (5) nor more than nine (9) members to be appointed by the governing body of the County (BOC). After initially staggered terms, terms are for six (6) years. Appointments to unexpired terms are made for the term balance. The Cobb Hospital Authority submits a list of three (3) names to the BOC for their consideration and the BOC must select one of the three persons named in said list.

Members shall be residents of Cobb County. Members select their own officers and receive no compensation but may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the performance of their duties or, in the alternative, the members may elect to be reimbursed for expenses on a per diem basis not to exceed $100.00 per meeting and a total of $100.00 per month.

Functions and powers of the hospital authority are listed in Ga. Code Section 31-7-75.

Board Members

Member Name Appointed By Term
Dr. Thomas E. Gearhard  Board of Commissioners 08/07/2022
Michael D. Goodman Board of Commissioners 08/07/2022
Donnie Newsom, Chair Board of Commissioners  08/07/2026
Steve Wilson  Board of Commissioners 08/07/2022
Ed Richardson Board of Commissioners 08/07/2022
Carmen Hughes Board of Commissioners 08/07/2026
Ford Thigpen Board of Commissioners 08/07/2022
Roy Vanderslice Board of Commissioners 08/07/2022


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