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Electrical Advisory Board


Resolution of BOC adopted July 8, 1986; amendment of 3-9-93 regarding method of appointment.


Composed of five (5) members each holding a current Class II State Electrical License appointed by the BOC. After initially staggered terms, members serve terms to run concurrent with that of the appointing Commissioner and serve at the pleasure of the appointing Commissioner. Vacancies are filled for any unexpired term in the same manner as original appointments are made.

No member of this Board is eligible for reappointment earlier than one (1) year following the end of such member's term, except for appointment immediately following any initial appointment. Any member absent without cause from two (2) consecutive meetings is automatically terminated.

Members select their own Chairman who also serves on the Board of Adjustment and Appeals.

This Board has the authority and duty to review and recommend on matters referred to it by the Board of Adjustments and Appeals, provide technical advice on Building Inspections Division operations and assist in reviewing and recommending any necessary changes to the Cobb County Building Code.

Members receive no compensation.

Board Members

  • Todd Evans
  • Steven L. Askea
  • Tom LeMay
  • Walter K. Fincher
  • Mark Wade


Manager of Building Inspections