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Chattahoochee river

Spotlights & Water Use Updates

graphic of a water drop with a vine wrapping around it
Flume Home Water Monitor Rebate

Purchase and install a Flume Smart Home Water Monitor and receive a $100 credit on your water bill.  Read more...

silhouette of a house with water pipe wrapped inside the house
Self-Report Your Water Service Line

CCWS is in the process of inventorying the material for public and private service lines in our distribution system including residential and non-residential customers.  Learn more...

Green lawn with a sprinkler shooting water across the grass.
Cobb's Climate Update

U.S. Drought Monitor: None
January rainfall level: 9.62 inches
2024 rainfall level: 9.62 inches​
Allatoona Lake:  831.46 feet, below full pool
Chattahoochee River and Tributaries: At or below normal levels
Lake Lanier: 1070.11, below full pool

multi-colored raising hands to represent Volunteerism
Volunteer with Cobb Water

Make a difference in your community thru hands-on projects that connect everyday behaviors and environmental health.

valentine design theme with graphic drawing of two hearts and a water pipe that says treat your water pipes with love
Luv Your Water Pipes

If February is the month for love, why not show some for your water pipes too? Keep your wastewater pipes flowing freely by eliminating the sources of clogs. Read more...


cover for cobb county watershed stewardship program newsletter with an owl on a tree branch.
Quarterly Newsletter

Water Matters is your quarterly connection to Cobb Water's education and volunteer programs.  Explore natural history, biodiversity, conservation, and local volunteer opportunities, and more.  Click to download the most recent publication of Water Matters.