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Online Renewals

Community Development COVID-19 Limited Operations Notice
COVID-19 Agency Update

The Community Development Agency, including all listed divisions, will continue operations at limited capacity, effective March 18, 2020: Business License, Code Enforcement, Planning & Economic Development, Development & Inspections, Erosion Control, and Zoning. All front-facing divisions are following special procedures explained in this article.

Welcome. Please have your Business License Number, Business Name, PIN Number, and Financial back-up documentation ready before continuing to renew your business online.
We only accept MasterCard and Visa


Please carefully read the information below before renewing your business license.  
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Notice: If you opted-in for an e-mailed renewal notice and have multiple business licenses registered using the same e-mail address, you will receive ONE e-mailed renewal notification for ONE business.
The remaining notices will be sent via USPS. PIN numbers are unique per license.

The Online Renewal Option is available under the following conditions ONLY:

  1. Only payments for the current renewal season (2020) can be made.
    • Delinquent accounts and accounts with a prior year balances cannot be renewed online.
    • Records missing prior year documentation cannot be renewed online
    • Renewals with subcontractor deductions cannot be renewed online.
  2. The following documents are required in PDF format to be uploaded in one complete package.
    • REQUIRED –The online renewal must be completed with contact information for the owner, officer, partner or W-2 employee completing the renewal.
    • REQUIRED - Citizenship Affidavit to be signed and notarized (with visible notary stamp)
    • REQUIRED - Private Employer Affidavit to be signed and notarized (with visible notary stamp)
    • REQUIRED - Secure and verifiable document, i.e. driver's license, passport, and immigration documents if required (1-551, 1-766, Visa with 1-94, unexpired foreign passport, etc.)
    • REQUIRED - Financial documentation (profit/loss statement, income statement, monthly or quarterly reports, etc. showing gross revenue.)
  3. NO correspondence should be submitted online with your renewal; e-mail [email protected]
    • **Refund requests submitted with a renewal online will NOT be processed.
  4. NO changes can be made using the online renewal portal.
  5. Changes should be made the change form, which can be found here.
  6. Payment may be made by Visa or MasterCard ONLY.

IF YOU RENEWED ONLINE FOR 2019 by registering and creating an online account, go to the online renewal link and login.
Click 'Home' > 'My Records' > 'Licenses' (click arrow to expand) and your business license account(s) will display. Click on the 'Renew' link and continue with the renewal process.

Before Continuing, you must have your License Number, Business Name and PIN Number available. This was provided for you in the e-mailed or USPS-mailed renewal notice.

Download Renewal Instructions
Continue to Renew Online

No longer in Business? Complete this form to let us know. 

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