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Request Service

Cobb Water will alert customers prior to reinstating late fees and service disconnections. 

Please be patient.  We are experiencing a high volume of calls, emails, and online requests.  We are doing our best to respond as promptly as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

Set Up Service

  • If you have an existing account with Cobb County Water System, please login to your customer portal and request a move through the Request Move quick link on your home page.
  • If you do not have an account with Cobb County Water System and you need to request to start services, please choose the Move In Request tile at the bottom of the Customer Self-Service Portal login page.
  • Online move requests can take 5-7 business days to process. 
  • For residential customers who need water sooner, call 770-419-6200 during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm, excluding  holidays).
  • For commercial accounts, email with your request and necessary documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I create an account in the CSS (Customer Self-Service) if I was not migrated over

You will need your account number found on your bill.  The new account numbers are 9-digit numbers without a hyphen that start with a 10.

You will also need your activation token. It can be found on the bill above the payment coupon. 

  1. You will go to:
  2. Click on Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal and Quick Pay.
  3. Click on Sign Up Now.
  1. Fill in your name and create your password.
  2. Enter your email.
  3. You will be sent an email from Microsoft with a verification code.
  4. Enter that code.
  5. Then enter your account ID (Your account Number).
  6. Enter the activation code token.

That registers you in the portal.  You can submit requests from here, set up autopay, ebills, or make requests.

I have multiple accounts that I manage in the customer portal. I was not able to connect all of them. How do I add these accounts?

In the new system, your login is tied to your account party if the accounts you manage in the portal have different account parties you cannot add them to your portal yourself.  Please email  In the email include the account that is already created in the portal and the list of accounts you wish to have associated with the portal.  A member of the Customer Service staff will process the request as soon as possible.  You can always view the balance using the Quick Pay option if you have the account number while the requests are processed.

I have multiple accounts I manage, and they were added to my portal. I cannot update the wallet on the new accounts.

If the accounts were added to your portal, you are a delegate for those accounts.  You can set up autopay, ebill make changes to the account information, make payments, and view bills and consumption on the accounts.  You can only manage the wallet on your primary account, those payment types in your primary account can be used to pay the delegated accounts. 

I need to change my login email in the CSS. How do I do that?

You can change the login email with the following steps:

  1. Log in with the existing email login.
  2. Click the person icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page.
  5. Edit the Email.
  6. Click Save.

This is now your login email.

There is also an email under contacts on the home page.  This is the email where you receive information from Cobb Water.  This should also be edited if you wish to have any communication go to the recently updated email address.

I need to pay my bill. When will I have a new account number?

All late fees and service disconnections have been paused, while customers adjust to the new system. Bills have gone out to customers with the new account numbers.

I had a payment portal account in the old system, do I need to re-register?

We migrated existing accounts from the customer portal into the new system if the customer had only one water account associated with their customer portal login.  If the customer had multiple accounts associated with their customer portal, they will have to re-register in the new system. Customers who were migrated to the new system were sent an email with instructions for accessing the new Customer Self-Service Portal.

How do I update the password in the new customer portal?

After you are logged in you can reset your password by going to the person Icon, click on settings in the dropdown box, scroll to the bottom of the settings page, and click change password, follow the prompts, and save the new password.  We recommend saving the password and user ID somewhere for future reference.

What if I don't know my new account number or have an activation code?

Both will be on your first bill. If you need it before receiving your first bill, call or email at 770.419.6200 or

My account is overdue. Are you still disconnecting services for non-payment?

Disconnections will be suspended for a short period of time while we ensure the new system is working without issues.

We will update our website and bill message before resuming disconnections and late fees.

The new Customer Service Information System automates disconnections when an account is 30 days past the due date. We recommend customers use this brief period to catch up on any past-due balances on their accounts. Once we turn on the service disconnection feature, if there is a past-due balance of 30 days or more, the service will be automatically disconnected. The only way to restore service will be to pay the full past-due balance, plus any processing fees. 

What changed with the new customer portal?

We understand that changing to a new customer portal can be challenging. The new portal has many enhancements. Customers can now:

  • Make online requests for starting and stopping services, senior discounts, general inquiries, etc.
  • Set up and manage contact information without calling Customer Service.
  • View historic use and billed charges to get an idea of water use.
  • Set up e-bill and automatic payments.
Why can’t I see my water use in the customer portal?

Only water use that was billed in the new system will be visible in the new customer portal.

I had a payment plan in the old system due to a large balance. Now, the whole past due amount is showing on my account.

All active payment plans had to be canceled. If you need to place a portion of the remaining balance on a new payment plan, you can log in to the Customer Self-Service Portal (CSS) and request to be placed back on a payment plan. If you have any issues with the CSS, please contact Customer Service at 770-419-6200. Please be prepared for an extended hold time during the billing system transition. 

I had autopay in the old system. Can I set up autopay in the new system?

We migrated accounts from our old customer portal if there was only one water account and one login ID.  When we migrated these accounts into the new system, we also migrated customer wallets with active payments and autopay schedules.  We recommend you log into the new portal to make sure your autopay is still active with the correct payment method. 

If your account was not migrated, we recommend you register in the new portal once you have been provided a new account number.  You can add a payment type into your wallet and set up autopay and ebill after registering in the new system.  You can set autopay using a credit card, debit card, checking, or savings account.

How will disconnections and restores be handled in the new billing system?

The new system has an automated disconnection process. Once an account is 30 days past the due date, it will be sent out for disconnection. The restore is automated as well. The only way to restore water will be to pay the full past due amount plus any delinquency fees associated with the account. Customers who pay the full past-due balance and fees before 5pm will be restored the same day. Anyone paying after 5pm will be restored on the next business day.

To ensure you receive a notification 3 days before service interruption, please make sure we have a current email on the system. This can be added or edited in the Customer Self-Service Portal.

With the new system, will I still be restored the same day?

The request to turn water on will be automatically sent once the full past due balance, plus any delinquency fees, is paid. If the balance is paid by 5pm, water will be restored the same day. If payment is made after 5pm, water will be restored the next business day.