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Board of Adjustments and Appeals


Resolution of Board of Commissioners dated July 8, 1986; Amendment of 3-9-93 regarding method of appointment.


Consists of nine (9) members as follows:

  • Post 1 - a Commercial Builder,
  • Post 2 - an Engineer,
  • Post 3 - an Architect,
  • Post 4 - a Developer,
  • Post 5 - a Cobb County homeowner
  • Posts 6 thru 9 to be the current chairmen of Home Builders, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Advisory Boards.

After initially staggered terms, members terms run concurrent with that of the appointing Commissioner and serve at the pleasure of the appointing Commissioner. Posts 6 thru 9 serve by virtue of their Chairmanship of their respective Boards.

Any vacancies for unexpired terms shall be filled in the manner in which original appointments are made. No member shall be eligible for reappointment earlier than one year following the end of such member's previous term, with the exception of appointments immediately following any initial appointment. Members absent without cause from two consecutive meetings shall be automatically terminated from membership upon the Board. Compensation is determined by BOC.

The Board has the authority and duty to issue interpretations of the Building Code, approve requests for variances, render decisions on any appeal by any individual holding a building permit when the Building Inspection rejects manner of construction, materials used, claims of inapplicability of Building Code or failure to correct Building Code violations. All decisions of this Board are final and may only be reviewed by certiorari to the Superior Court. This Board also serves as the Housing Board of Adjustment and Appeals per Cobb County Housing Code approved June 23, 1987. Members receive $25.00 per meeting.

Board Members

  • Larry Kay 
  • Charles Koninsky 
  • Lee Haddock - HBAB 
  • Steven L. Askea - EAB 
  • Winston Wells - PAB 
  • Barry Abernathy - HVAC AB 
  • Darryl Cook
  • Joey Hipps


Manager of Building Inspections