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Victim-Witness Fee Fund Board of Trustees


Cobb County Code Chapter 38, Article II, Section 38-26.


Consists of the following members:

  1. The Solicitor of the State Court of Cobb County,
  2. A judge of the State Court of Cobb County selected by a majority vote of the judges of the State Court,
  3. The Director of the Cobb County Victim-Witness Assistance Program,
  4. A practicing attorney of Cobb County selected by the Solicitor of the State Court and
  5. A citizen of Cobb County selected by the Board of Commissioners.

Members serve four (4) year terms. The Solicitor is the Chairman of this Board and a majority of the board members constitutes a quorum for transacting all business.

Generally, this board controls the funds generated for the Witness Fee Fund. Said funds are provided through the payment of a portion of every traffic fine and/or criminal fine and every bond which is forfeited and collected through the Traffic Court or State Court of Cobb County. Funds provided to the Witness Fee Fund are used for the payment of fees to witnesses for their courtroom appearances.

Members receive no compensation.

The Post 4 and Post 5 appointees shall serve at the pleasure of the respective appointing authority and shall not hold elective public office during their term of service on the Board of Trustees, Cobb County Code Section 38-26, BOC action of February 13, 1979. Should either appointee serving in Post 4 or Post 5 qualify for elective office, the position on the Victim-Witness Fee Fund Board of Trustees shall be deemed vacant.

Board Members

Member Name
Makia Metzger, Chair 
Bridgette Campbell
Rob Schnatmeier 
Bob Scarr


Solicitor General Office