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Plumbing Advisory Board


Resolution of the Board of Commissioners adopted on July 8, 1986; Amendment of 3-9-93 regarding method of appointment.


Composed of five (5) members appointed by the BOC all of whom must hold current Class II State Plumbing licenses. After initially staggered terms, members serve terms to run concurrent with that of the appointing Commissioner and members serve at the pleasure of the appointing Commissioner.

Board meets every 2nd Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.

Members who miss two (2) consecutive meetings of the Board are automatically terminated from membership. Members select their Chairman who presides over meetings and serves on the Board of Adjustments and Appeals.

Three (3) members constitute a quorum and all decisions require the affirmative vote of a majority but not less than three (3) members present. No member may act in any case in which he has any personal interest. Members receive no compensation for service on this Board.

The Board has the authority and duty to review and recommend on matters referred to it by the Board of Adjustments and Appeals, provide technical advice on Building Inspection Department operations and assist in reviewing and recommending any necessary changes to the Cobb County Building Code.

Board Members

Member Name Appointed By Term
Jordan Ball Commissioner Birrell 12/31/2026
Tom Reidy Commissioner Gambrill 12/31/2026
Winston Wells Commissioner Cupid 12/31/2020
Nick Marine Chairwoman Cupid 12/31/2024


Kevin Gobble, Chief Building Official