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Zoning and Variance Cases

Public Comment

Fill out the linked forms below to provide public comment on Zoning and Variance Cases. 

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Submit Public Comments on Variance Cases

Zoning and Planning Agendas and Minutes

View the Current CivicClerk Zoning Analysis Upload Calendar

Access recent Zoning and Planning meeting agendas and minutes can be found in the link below.

Tips for accessing zoning packets and case documents:

  1. To refine the search, you may use the 'filter' tab. Click on 'filer' , then click on the event categories box. A dropdown menu will appear. Choose your desired meeting type.
  2. Locate and select your desired hearing by clicking on the box.
  3. To download the entire zoning packet, select the download arrow to the right of 'Agenda Packet'. 
  4. For individual file access, you may easily access individual case documents by scrolling down the page and selecting the 'Meeting Overview' tab. 
    Cobb Public Meeting Room
    CivicClerk Zoning and Planning Agenda and Minutes

      Click to access Zoning and Planning meeting agendas and minutes.


      Current and Upcoming Events may not have documents published and will display a blank screen.  Please check back later for those documents.

      Zoning, Variance, and Other Business Requests

      Zoning Analysis Map
      Zoning, Variance, and Other Business Requests

      All documents related to current zoning and variance cases are available online.

      You can quickly locate zoning or variance cases near you with our mapping app, or download documents by case number in the monthly tabs below.

      Zoning Map
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