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Zoning and Variance Cases

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NOTICE: Zoning Files moved to CivicClerk

The Zoning Division is now utilizing CivicClerk for all Zoning cases; this includes Zoning (Z), Temporary Land Use (LUP), and Special Land Use (SLUP) cases only. Google Drive access will continue to be available for the 2019 -2021 cases. Citizens must utilize CivicClerk to download Zoning Case files for upcoming Planning Commission and BOC Zoning hearings.

Other Business and Variance Request Files are now on Civic Clerk.

Zoning Cases Civic Clerk Desktop Instructions
Civic Clerk Instructions for Zoning Analysis Cases

Review the Instructions on how to view the zoning analysis static book files using CivicClerk.

CivicClerk Instructions: Please read before viewing.

  1. Click on the appropriate CATEGORY in the top, right-hand corner. (Planning Commission Zoning Hearing or BOC Zoning Hearing)
  2. If the Agenda and/or Packet is available for download, a download link will display in the "Files" column for the corresponding Planning Commission Zoning Hearing of BOC Zoning Hearing..

Desktop/PC Users: For detailed instructions, download the PDF Instructions for desktop.

Mobile Users: For detailed instructions, download the PDF Instructions for mobile.

View the Current CivicClerk Zoning Analysis Upload Calendar

Please note:

Once published, Packets will be updated on the Friday prior to the PC or BOC Zoning Hearing date by 5PM

When the Agenda is available in the “Files” column under the Download drop down menu, it is an indication that the Packet is no longer a Preliminary document (new cases only) and now includes all Zoning cases (continued and new) for the Hearing on that date.

When the Agenda is available in the “Files” column under the Download drop down menu, you can access individual case documents by clicking on the meeting agenda link in the “Name” column. This shortcut does not require you to download the entire Zoning Book “Packet” to access information on a case.

Zoning, Variance, and Other Business Cases

2022 "Other Business" Zoning Case Files

Zoning Analysis Map
Board of Zoning Appeals Variance Requests

All documents related to current zoning and variance cases are available online.

You can quickly locate zoning or variance cases near you with our mapping app, or download documents by case number in the monthly tabs below.

2022 Variance Requests (Board of Zoning Appeals)

Zoning Map
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2021 and Prior Year Case Information

View archived zoning case information.