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Board of Health


Ga. Code Annotated 31-3-1 through 31-3-16, as amended.


Consists of eight (8) members as follows:

  1. Chief Executive Office of the County,
  2. County Superintendent of Schools,
  3. Licensed physician actively practicing medicine in the county - appointed by the BOC,
  4. Consumer, a representative of a consumer or a person from an advocacy agency or group representing the county's consumers of health services - appointed by the BOC,
  5. Person interested in promoting public health who is a consumer or a licensed nurse - appointed by City of Marietta or largest municipality,
  6. Consumer member who will represent the county's needy, underprivileged or elderly community - appointed by the BOC,
  7. Chief Executive Officer of the City of Marietta or largest municipality, and
  8. Superintendent of City of Marietta City Schools or largest municipality who will serve as an ex officio member (#8 applies only in counties with population greater than 400,000 but less than 500,000).

Following initially staggered terms, members 3, 4, 5 and 6 serve six (6) year terms. Members 1, 2, 7 and 8 serve by virtue of their positions.

Powers of this Board are enumerated in Ga. Code Section 31-3-4. The BOC is required by Ga. Code Section 31-3-9 to provide the Board with quarters and equipment sufficient for its operation and, per 31-3-10, the Board may require the legal services of the County Attorney.

The Board appoints a physician licensed to practice medicine to serve as its chief executive officer and director who otherwise meets the requirements of the State Merit System of Personnel Administration. Members are paid not more than $10.00 per day for attendance at meetings subject to limitations.

Board Members

Member Name Appointed By Term
Lisa Cupid  By virtue of position  
Chris Ragsdale  By virtue of position  
Steve Tumlin  By virtue of position  
Grant Rivera By virtue of position  
 W. Wyman Pilcher, III  City of Marietta  
Pete Quinones Board of Commissioners 12/31/2022
Dr. Carol Holtz, Chair Board of Commissioners 12/31/2024
Dr. Paula Greaves Board of Commissioners 12/31/2022


Cobb County Board of Health 
1650 County Services Parkway 
Marietta, 30008