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Civil Service Board


Constitutional Amendment, 1963, p. 685. Established by Act #733, Ga. Laws 1964, p. 2502 (March 10, 1964); Amended by Ga. Laws 1969, p. 2228; Ga. Laws 1977, pgs. 3208, 4550 (Reso.); Ga. Laws 1978, p. 3637; Ga. Laws 1982, p. 4074, Cobb County Code, Chapter 2-4;

Amended by Ga. Laws 1991, p. 3531; Ga. Laws 1992, p. 5330 (Act No. 747, S.B. 709); Ga. Laws 1992 (Act No. 713, H.B. 1403); Ga. Laws 1993, p. (Act No. 173, S.B. No. 391).


Consists of five (5) members who have been residents of Cobb County for two (2) years or more immediately prior to the date of taking office and who hold no other elected, appointed, or salaried public office or position, either federal, state, county or municipal either during the six-month period preceding his appointment or for the duration of the term.

Terms of office are for four (4) years (see below). Terms on the Board are enumerated as Post 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Post 3 and 4 are appointed by the Governing Authority (BOC). Post 1 and 5 are filled by secret ballot election by all the employees of Cobb County who are at that time under the civil service system. Post 2 is appointed by majority vote of the persons holding Post 1, 3, 4 and 5.

For this vote a quorum is three (3) members and the Commission Chair of the BOC shall cast a vote in the event of a deadlock. The duties and functions of this Board are found in Cobb County Code, Chapter 2-4, Section 2-4-6. Adoption of procedures or conducting hearings on petitions to remove Board members approved August 26, 1997.

Members are paid $150.00 per month.

Board Members

Member Name Appointed By Term
Raymond B. Fordyce,  Chair Elected by Employees 03/31/2028
Terry H. Kingery, Vice Chair Appointed by Civil Service Board 03/31/2025
Judy Skeel  Board of Commissioners 03/31/2027
Mike Sibley Elected by Employees  03/31/2025
Steven Mints Board of Commissioners 03/31/2025


Jim Harner, Chief Human Resources Officer