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Business License Review Board


Board of Commissioners of April 14, 1987, Cobb County Code Section 3-4-150; amended 10/24/89; amended 9/25/90; amended 5/11/93; amended Chapter 6 3/25/97 (eff. 4/1/97); amended 8/10/99; amended 5/9/00; amended 1/23/01


Composed of five (5) members, four of which are appointed by the County Manager and serve at the pleasure of the County Manager, and one of which is appointed by the Sheriff and serves at the pleasure of the Sheriff. Per amendments of February 25, 2014, Post 1 shall be a county employee of the finance department; Post 2 shall be a county employee appointed at large by the County Manager; Post 3 shall be a member of the command staff of the Sheriff’s Office; Post 4 shall be a county employee from the Support Services Agency; and Post 5 shall be a county employee from the Public Services Agency.

Duties of this Board are:

  • To hear deferred applications or appeals from administrative decisions by the business license office with regard to applications for licenses, transfers, renewals, change of ownership or other matters affecting such licenses;
  • Hear appeals with regard to issuance or renewal of work permits;
  • Hear matters involving any revocation, suspension or other disciplinary action against the holder of any work permit and to consider and act upon any other matters specifically delegated to the license review board by any other county ordinance or resolution or action of the BOC.

Board selects its own chairman and secretary. Board has no authority or jurisdiction to hear, consider or render decisions of any kind with respect to the suspension, revocation, probation or other disciplinary action against a license or licensee.

The decision of this board is final unless appealed to the Commission within thirty (30) days of the decision of the LRB; the decision of the Commission is final unless appeal is made to the Superior Court of Cobb County.

Any aggrieved person may appeal a decision of the Board by filing a petition for a writ of certiorari to the Superior Court of Cobb County within thirty (30) days of the decision of the BOC. This Board shall have no jurisdiction or authority to hear any appeal from or to reverse, modify or set aside any decision of the Board of Commissioners with respect to any alcoholic beverage license. Any hearing before the BOC shall not exceed thirty (30) minutes in length.

Members receive no compensation.

Board Members

Member Name Appointed  By
Buddy Tesar County Manager
Carl Crumbley County Manager
Steven Gaynor Sheriff
Stephen White County Manager
Jatunn Gibson County Manager


Community Development Agency - Business License Division