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Risk Management

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Cobb County Risk Management


The department coordinates resolutions on claims filed against the county and loss recoveries. Other responsibilities include overseeing our self-insurance programs. Cobb County is self-insured for automobile damage and general liability losses. Traditional insurance policies are purchased to provide coverage for Cobb County's buildings and their contents and to safeguard public funds collected by various departments. The Risk and Safety Department oversees the occupational safety and health program that promotes worker safety.

Program Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to identify areas of risk and potential liability and develop risk response strategies to mitigate loss and maximize opportunities.

Objectives using the risk management process: 

  1. Risk Identification: To facilitate a comprehensive and timely incident reporting network and claims tracking system. 
  2. Risk Analysis: To investigate and analyze information obtained from risk identification systems, including actual and potential risks for trends or patterns.
  3. Loss Control: To administer all claims and protect the best interests of Cobb County Government and its insureds in all aspects of claims management, trial preparation, and settlement negotiations. 
  4. Loss Prevention:
    • To develop effective policies, guidelines, and system revisions to help reduce risk of employee injury and liability exposure.
    • To develop policies and procedures to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
    • To promote and provide ongoing education for all Cobb County employees regarding the purpose and goals of the risk management program as well as effective strategies and techniques to reduce risk.
  5. Risk Financing: To administer the insurance and the self-insurance programs for Cobb County and its insured staff.

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