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Family and Children Services


Ga. Code Annotated 49-3-1 and 49-3-8 as amended; amended Ga. Laws 1994, S.B. 469 (increased membership to seven (7) members based upon census population).


Board consists of seven (7) members appointed by BOC. Vacancies on the board are filled in the same manner; however if the BOC fails to make an appointment within 90 days after a vacancy occurs, the Commissioner of DHR is authorized to make the appointment.

Terms are for five (5) years and appointments made to fill vacancies prior to the expiration of a term are made for the term balance.

DFACS is a part of the DHR governed by state rules/regulations and performs welfare services of the county.

Board Members

Member Name Appointed By Term
Betsy Madrerohon Board of Commissioners 06/30/22
Dan Post, Chair Board of Commissioners 06/30/22
Dayton Hibbs Board of Commissioners 06/30/22
Lt. Matthew Brown Board of Commissioners 06/30/22
Mary Weatherby Board of Commissioners 06/30/24
Ana Murphy Board of Commissioners 06/30/25
Sandy Woltering Board of Commissioners 06/30/21


325 Fairground St.
Marietta, GA 30060