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About Chairwoman Lisa Cupid

Cobb County Chairwoman Lisa Cupid

Lisa Cupid is the Chairwoman of Cobb County's Board of Commissioners. She has served on the Cobb Board of Commissioners since 2013. Some of her accomplishments include expanding transit service, improving citizen education and engagement, and advocating for enhanced public safety measures, including using license plate readers, additional body cameras, and implementing a public safety nuisance abatement program. Cupid is known as a strong advocate for the fair treatment of all of Cobb’s residents and stakeholders regardless of geographic, demographic, or economic standing.

In her role as Chairwoman, Cupid plans to be “all-In” to help ensure Cobb maintains its strength as a premiere county without leaving areas or populations of the county behind. This is through a foundation of Integrity, Inclusiveness, Intelligent decision-making, Innovation and Investing in Cobb’s residents, infrastructure and future.

Cupid is an attorney and former mediator, policy analyst and manufacturing process engineer. She resides in Smyrna with her two children and husband, who is also an attorney, law partner, and former electrical engineer. Both are graduates of Georgia Tech and Georgia State Law and are followers of the Christian faith.

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