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About Chairwoman Lisa Cupid

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Lisa Cupid is Commission Chairwoman of Cobb County and has served on the Cobb Board of Commissioners for eight years as commissioner of District Four. Some accomplishments during her public service include championing Cobb’s newly instituted Sunday transit service, improving citizen education and engagement in government and advocating for enhanced public safety measures including the use of license plate readers, additional body cameras and a public safety nuisance abatement program. Cupid is known as a strong advocate for the fair treatment of all of Cobb’s residents and stakeholders regardless of geographic, demographic or economic standing.

In her new role as Chairwoman, Cupid plans to be “all-in” for Cobb by strengthening a foundation of integrity, fostering intelligent decisions, being inclusive, supporting innovation and investing in Cobb’s residents, infrastructure and future.

Cupid is an attorney and former mediator, policy analyst and manufacturing process engineer. She resides in Austell with her two children and husband who is also an attorney, law partner and former electrical engineer. Both are graduates of Georgia Tech and Georgia State Law. The Cupid family attends Buckhead Church.


Town hall shares information and answers questions about voting

In May, we hosted a town hall to discuss Senate Bill 202 and its impacts on voting in Cobb County. Thank you to our Cobb Elections Director Janine Eveler for providing in depth information. If you would like to watch the town hall in its entirely, click here.

Due to time constraints, we were not able to answer all of the questions submitted by the audience, but Director Eveler answered those remaining legible questions. To read the Q&A, click here.


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