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Transportation Permitting and Approvals

Cobb DOT provides review, approval, and/or permitting for transportation-related aspects of community development initiatives, including:

  • Approval of utility construction/relocation activities within the County right-of-way
  • Approval of temporary lane/road closures
  • Approval of driveways accessing a Cobb County road (excluding roads within City boundaries and state routes)
  • Authorization to install and maintain aesthetic sign posts
  • Approval of intersection sight distance

For more information, visit the Community Development Forms page under the Cobb County Community Development section of this website to download the Cobb County Development Standards.

Advanced Notice for Routine Maintenance

Although no separate written agreement or permit is required for routine maintenance of established facilities within rights of way, the utility is required to give advance notice to the Department for certain types of activities within the rights of way.

  • Replacement of parts necessary due to damage, deterioration or obsolescence; 
  • Emergency replacement of poles or other facilities damaged by accidents or natural causes such as wind or ice and when immediate repair is required to restore service; 
  • Installation of lateral service connections to serve occupants of adjacent property, provided such connections do not introduce new obstructions into the right of way and do not require trenching or boring under the roadway; 
  • Installation of additional appurtenances or attachments to facilities which do not affect vertical or horizontal clearances from the traveled way or do not change the rated capacity or transmittant of the facility for which a permit was issued; or 
  • Periodic, routine inspection, testing, and preventive and routine maintenance to insure that facilities are retained in a serviceable condition and good state of repair at all times. 

Activities Requiring 24-Hour Notice

Notice must be given by the utility to the Department within 24 hours of undertaking any of the following maintenance activities within the right of way:

  • Any work which requires the blocking of one or more traffic lanes for a period of times in excess of 2 hours; 
  • Installation of any temporary structures which are to remain on the right of way; 
  • The cutting, trimming or spraying of any trees or shrubs within the right of way; 
  • Making any pavement cut except in an emergency; or 
  • Making any excavation within the roadbed which may remain open overnight.

Non-Permitted Activities Requiring Cobb DOT Approval

Authorization must be obtained from the Cobb DOT and the Code Enforcement Division in order to move a house through Cobb County involving crossing of jurisdictional boundaries.