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Frequent Information Requests

Lane Closures/Travel Impacts

Information on Lane Closures/Travel Impacts

  • You can view information on lane restrictions and closures as well as current traffic speeds, incidents impacting travel, messages and travel advisories posted on overhead electronic signs, traffic camera locations, and information on upcoming projects via our Travel Impacts Map: Cobb Commute.
  • Our Weekly Travel Advisory provides a list of projects and associated lane restrictions and closures for the upcoming week.
  • Follow us on Twitter @CobbDOT for real-time travel advisories from the Transportation Management Center.

Roadway Maintenance Issues (pot holes, grass, litter, road drainage, roadside trimming, signs, sidewalks)

Report Roadway Maintenance Issues via SeeClickFix

  • Use the SeeClickFix online tool or the mobile app (free download from your app store), to report non-emergency, routine roadway maintenance needs (e.g., potholes, tree trimming, grass cutting, traffic signals repairs, road debris, downed signs, road flooding, icy road conditions, sidewalk damage).
  • As an added bonus, if you create an account, you can track the progress of your request, receive automatic updates on the status of your request, and have two-way communication directly with staff.

Maintenance Work Desk Phone Line

  • If you prefer to submit a request via phone, please call 770-528-1600 during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). All after-hours calls to the Work Request line are forwarded to the Water System.

Permit Requests

For more information on obtaining a permit, please visit the Permitting section of this web site. 

Utility Permits

Phyllis Stallings, P.E.
Utility Permitting Manager
(770) 528-1643
(770) 528-3691 (Fax)
[email protected]

Lane Closure Permits

Corey Jennings
(770) 499-4461
[email protected]

Road Closure Permits

Ana Fraundorf
(770) 528-1676
[email protected]

Residential Driveway Permits

Residential driveway locations that will access a major thoroughfare must be approved by Cobb DOT.

Amy Diaz
Development Services Manager
(770) 528-1683
[email protected]

James Washington
Site Plan Review Supervisor
(770) 528-1666
[email protected]

SPLOST Project Information

You have several options to get information on SPLOST projects.

  • You can easily view the status of transportation, facility or park projects in Cobb County via the interactive SPLOST Project Map: What's In It For Me? Search by street name and view projects within a 5-miles area.  Results can be viewed in a PDF report format, or simply click a project in the results panel for more information.
  • The Cobb County Board of Commissioners maintains a database of of all projects related to SPLOST funding. Visit the BOC SPLOST page.
  • Visit the DOT's SPLOST Projects section of the Projects web page for more information on transportation-related SPLOST projects.
  • For information on transportation-related SPLOST projects under construction, contact (770) 528-1678.
  • For information on transportation-related SPLOST projects in pre-construction, contact (770) 420-6658.

Sidewalks (New & Repairs)

Request a Repair

Sidewalk damage can be reported online through SeeClickFix, via phone 770-528-1600, or by emailing [email protected].

Request Sidewalk Installation

Currently, Cobb County requires all developers to install sidewalks in new-build developments. Typically, the cost of new sidewalks is absorbed, by the homeowner, in the cost of the new home. But not every neighborhood in Cobb County, due to location or age, have sidewalks or sidewalk access. In these cases, a property owner can request that a Sidewalk District be created (see Article III. Sidewalks to view applicable sections of the Official Code of Cobb County).

To begin this process, submit a request to the Cobb County DOT at [email protected]

Streetlight (New & Repairs)

Requests for New Streetlights

The process for requesting the installation of a new streetlight is included on the Bicycle and Pedestrian page.

Streetlight Repairs

For street light repairs/outages in Cobb County, submit requests using our online form, map, or contact your power company at one of the numbers listed below.

Submit a repair request with the online form

Submit a repair request using a map

  • Cobb EMC -(770) 429-2100
  • Marietta Power -(770) 794-5160
  • Georgia Power - (800) 870-3942
  • Greystone - (770) 942-6576 (after answer select option 5)

For all other streetlight inquiries, please contact Cobb DOT at (770)528-1690 or 770-528-1691.

Suggestions for Projects in Your Area

Cobb DOT updates its Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) every five years. As part of this process, we invite the public to provide information on transportation needs and issues they observe. This input helps shape the long- and short-term project recommendations set forth in the CTP.  For information on the current CTP and future updates, please visit the Planning section of this website. 

General Questions and Concerns

(770) 528-1600
[email protected]

Contacts by Division

Airport Division

Airport Division Manager
Karl Von Hagel
(770) 528-1615
[email protected]

Engineering Division

Engineering Division Manager
Michael Francis
(770) 528-3692
[email protected]

Pre-Construction Engineer
Russ Ford
(770) 420-6659
[email protected]

Construction Engineer
Gabriel Colon Vega
(770) 528-1670
[email protected]

Development Services - Transportation
Amy Diaz
Development Services Manager
(770) 528-1683
[email protected]

James Washington
Site Plan Review Supervisor
(770) 528-1644
[email protected]

Planning Division

Transportation Planning Division Manager
Laura F. Beall, AICP
(770) 528-1539
[email protected]

Yanlin Wu
(770) 528-8121
[email protected]

Roadway Maintenance Division

Roadway Maintenance Division Manager
Dallas Cain
(770) 528-3674
[email protected]

Roadway Maintenance Work Desk
(770) 528-3666

Traffic Operations Division

Traffic Operations Division Manager

Intelligent Transportation System Manager
Brook Martin
(770) 528-4065
[email protected]

Traffic Engineer
Kelly Patrick
(770) 528-1636
[email protected]

Traffic Signal Engineer
Jane Stricklin
(770) 420-6664
[email protected]

Transit Division

Transit Division Manager
Andrea Foard, AICP, LEED AP BD+C
(770) 528-1610

Customer Service
(770) 427-4444
Live Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Live Saturday - Sunday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
[email protected]

Paratransit Reservations
(770) 427-2222
(770) 419-9183 (TDD)
Live Monday - Sunday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Paratransit Certifications
(770) 429-7855
Live Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

FLEX Reservations
(770) 528-1053
Live Monday - Sunday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Support Services-Cobb DOT

Communications-Cobb DOT
Brandy McDow
[email protected]

DBE Compliance-Cobb DOT
Stefanie Taylor
(770) 528-3661
[email protected]

Finance-Cobb DOT
Jennifer Jacobs
(770) 528-1646
[email protected]

Lynn Biggs
(770) 528-1638
[email protected]

Grant Administration
Laraine Vance
(770) 528-1650
[email protected]

Right-of-Way Management
Patrick Lewis
(770) 528-1617
[email protected]

Streetlight Program Administration
Jeffrey Burns
(770) 528-1691
[email protected]

Utilities Permitting
Phyllis Stallings, P.E.
Utility Permitting Manager
(770) 528-1643
(770) 528-3691 (Fax)
[email protected]