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Current Transportation Bids and RFPs

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Submit Bids Online: BidExpress

Cobb DOT requires Contractors to create Digital IDs and submit bids online through BidExpress. Contractors are strongly encouraged to use the electronic bid bond verification with their bid through BidExpress.  If you experience problems using BidExpress, contact Customer Service at (888) 352-2439 from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Current Bids/RFPs

Project Project No.  Advertise Date Bid Date

2023 Countywide Crack Sealing

X2921 05/26/2023 06/22/2023

Lost Mountain Road Sidewalk

X2708 05/26/2023 06/22/2023

Sewell Mill Road Sidewalk

X2731 05/26/2023 06/22/2023

Bob Callan Trunk Trail Phase 2, Segment B PI0012808

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TR475 05/26/2023 06/22/2023

Windy Hill Road at Terrell Mill Road Connector Landscape

X2401 05/12/2023 06/08/2023

2023 Countywide Pavement Marking Contract - North

TR537 05/12/2023 06/08/2023

2023 Countywide Pavement Marking Contract - South

TR538 05/12/2023 06/08/2023

Chattahoochee River Trail Pilot Phase 2

B2432 01/27/2023 02/23/2023

Big Shanty Road Widening

B2431 12/30/2022 01/26/2023

Noonday Creek Trail at SR3/US41 and Noonday Creek - Pedestrian Bridge

TR525 04/15/2022 05/12/2022

Upcoming Bids/RFPs

Below is a list of upcoming projects for 2023.

Project descriptions and other details can be found on the Project Updates page.

Project Name Project No. Issuing Division Advertise Date Bids Due

Cobb Parkway (SR3/US41) at Black Acre Trail/Third Army Road Intersection Realignment, PI0019887 

B2436 Pre-Construction 6/16/2023 7/13/2023

Transportation Management Center Upgrade, PI 0019687

B2583 Traffic Operations 6/30/2023 7/27/2023

South Cobb Drive (SR280) Traffic Safety Improvements (SR3 to Barclay Circle), PI0019890

B2435 Pre-Construction 7/14/2023 8/10/2023

Cobb Parkway (SR3/US41) Pedestrian Bridge (Near Braves Stadium), PI0019885

TR535 Pre-Construction 9/15/2023 10/12/2023

Cumberland Core Loop - Segment D, PI0019780





Cumberland Core Loop - Segment E, PI# 0019618

B2433 Pre-Construction TBD TBD



Project Name Project No. Project Type Construction
Estimate (if applicable)