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Roadway Design

Picture of engineering plans
Pre-Construction Process & Procedure Manual

This manual defines the pre-construction process and procedures for Cobb County Department of Transportation (Cobb DOT) locally-funded projects.

Building Site Erosion Control
Cobb County Development Standards

Cobb DOT provides review and approval of transportation-related aspects of community development initiatives. 

For more information pertaining to Cobb County's community development guidelines, click here to visit the Community Development Forms page under the Cobb County Community Development section of this website and download the Cobb County Development Standards.

Consultants interested in providing services to Cobb County DOT should review the following information.

Concept Report Template (3-15-2021)

Plan Review Checklists (3-15-2021)

Consultant Evaluation Form

DBE Participation Report

Right-of-Way and Easements Pamphlet

Sustainable Design: PEACH Roads

The Preserving Environment And Community Heritage (PEACH) Roads program started in 2010 as a self-certification program that distinguishes transportation projects and operations based on the extent to which they incorporate sustainable choices.

This is primarily an internal management program for Cobb DOT to measure our performance, recognize good practices, and identify where we need to improve. It also provides Cobb County with a way to demonstrate to the public how we are advancing sustainable practices.

Cobb DOT project designs and operations are evaluated for sustainable practices, and based on the total credits received, an appropriate certification level is assigned. The rating system recognizes varying certification levels, with the highest level going to designs and operational groups that clearly advance the state of sustainable transportation solutions.

PEACH Roads Certification Levels