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Community Development COVID-19 Limited Operations Notice
COVID-19 Agency Update

The Community Development Agency, including all listed divisions, will continue operations at limited capacity, effective March 18, 2020: Business License, Code Enforcement, Planning & Economic Development, Development & Inspections, Erosion Control, and Zoning. All front-facing divisions are following special procedures explained in this article.

Business License

Application may be mailed, after the fees have been assessed, to:

P.O. Box 649
Marietta, GA 30061-0649

Or presented in person at:

1150 Powder Springs St, Suite 400 
Marietta, GA 30064 
No mail is accepted at this address.

 To obtain fee amount for new business establishments, please e-mail your completed application to [email protected]
(You will need 'Adobe Acrobat Reader' installed on your computer to view these files.)

All documents must be signed by the same person.

View our New Business Checklist

Development and Inspections

The Cobb County Building Permit Office accepts the following items by email at [email protected]. Please scan your documents and attach to the e-mail. All e-mails received by 4:30 pm will be processed the same day. Building Permit Office does not accept these documents by fax.

Cobb County Development Standards

Since the early 1970s, the original and amended Standards for Residential and Commercial Development have undergone revisions by individual agencies/departments/divisions. At this time, these standards are revised to comply with federal, state, regional, and local criteria.

View the Cobb County Development Standards

Online Permit Applications

Our online permitting is open for New Tenant, Vacant Tenant, or Remodel permits only.

Click Here to be directed to the Citizen's Access Portal to submit a building permit online. Instructions are below.

  1. Across the top, click ‘Building Permits’ 
    1. You must login or register for a new account if you are a new customer.
  2. Once you are logged in, please click ‘Create a Permit Application’
  3. Follow the steps to submit your online application for a New Tenant, Vacant Tenant or Remodel.

Upon approval of your application, you will receive an email with directions on how to proceed.

All other permit types must be obtained by starting with our Commercial Permit Application and following the steps on the 2nd page of our application.

Site Plan Review

Land Disturbance Permit Applicants:

Cobb County offers two methods for LDP site plan review:

  1. HARDCOPY SUBMITTAL: Paper plans are submitted to the Site Plan Review Office. Applicants who submit plans by 4:00 PM on Wednesday will be assigned a 30 minute Site Plan Review meeting on Thursday of the following week.  After all departmental comments have been addressed, a One-Stop appointment can be scheduled for final plan approval.
  2. ELECTRONIC SUBMITTAL: Applicants submit plans for review by uploading them directly into the Cobb Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) system. Once the plans are accepted for review by Cobb County, applicants will receive comments and red-lined plans electronically within six business days. After all departmental review comments have been addressed, applicants will upload revised plans for final approval. Once all departments have stamped the plans, they will be available for download and printing.  View instructions for ACA and ePlan.


ACA stands for Accela Citizens Access. This page is for registration purposes and to create or continue applications. The ePlan portal is for uploading documents, receiving feedback from reviewers, and editing projects after review cycles. ACA and ePlan are linked, and run parallel to one another. The username created for the ACA page MUST BE IDENTICAL to the username used for the ePlan portal. For example: "password" and "password1" will result in an error. Spaces and punctuation are included: "password" is NOT identical to "pass word". 

  • The plan review fee and land disturbance permit fees are the same for both methods.
  • The Eplan review process does not include a scheduled Site Plan Review meeting.

For questions, please contact the Site Plan Review Section at (770) 528-2147.

Rental Housing Complaints

Procedure for filing a rental housing complaint in Cobb County:
The official complaint process begins with a letter written to Cobb County requesting an inspection of the property. The letter should be addressed to:

Community Development Agency
Attn: Rental Housing Complaints
PO Box 649
Marietta, GA 30061

The letter should contain:

  1. Full name and address of complainant include the name of apartment complex
  2. Name and address of Landlord
  3. List items within the rented unit that needs to be inspected
  4. Hand signature of complainant for Right of Entry clarification
  5. Daytime phone numbers to set up an appointment for inspection
  6. Copy of the letter should be provided to your landlord or leasing office

Please verify that you are in unincorporated Cobb County and not within annexed city limits in any of the municipalities in Cobb County. We only inspect housing complaints in unincorporated Cobb County. If you determine that you are within the City Limits please contact the appropriate agency below:

  • City of Acworth: (770) 974-2032
  • City of Austell: (770) 944-4300
  • City of Kennesaw: (770) 424-8274 x3128
  • City of Marietta: (770) 794-5439
  • City of Smyrna:  (770) 319-5387
  • City of Powder Springs: (770) 943-1666

Verification can be obtained from the Cobb County Tax Assessor website

If you feel you have an electrical or gas emergency please contact the appropriate agency below.

  • Atlanta Gas Light: (770) 480-7069
  • Cobb EMC: (678) 355-3401
  • Georgia Power: (770) 618-5106

Zoning Division

View Standard Zoning Cycle Calendar  |  View Variance Calendar

Each month the Cobb County Zoning Division prepares zoning analysis information, which provides analysis and staff recommendations for all rezoning, special land use permits, land use permit requests and variance requests.

These items are presented to the Planning Commission, Board of Commissioners and Board of Zoning Appeals for their, review, recommendation, and consideration. 

Commercial Property Rehabilitation Incentive Exhibits

View Active Zoning Cases

Updated Backyard Chickens Ordinance Information

Sec. 134-290. Backyard chickens for properties under 80,000 square feet (approved 02-11-20 by the Board of Commissioners) 

  1. There shall be a maximum ratio of one Backyard Chicken per 5,000 square feet of lot area on any lot less than 80,000 square feet;
  2. Only hens are kept on the property;
  3. The Backyard chickens shall be kept/maintained within a fenced area to the rear of the house;
  4. Coops, or other buildings used for the poultry shall be located at least 25 feet off any property line. Coops are considered an accessory structure and all conditions for accessory structures in that zoning district shall also apply for any coop over 144 square feet;
  5. The owner(s) of the poultry shall keep the property maintained in a fashion that eliminates the potential negative effects resulting from the poultry, including but not limited to, odors, pollution, noise, insects, rodents and other wild animals;
  6. The Backyard Chickens shall not cause a nuisance, as defined by state law;
  7. The slaughter of any hen on site is prohibited; and
  8. This section does not authorize persons to violate applicable restrictive covenants and/or homeowners' association rules and regulations. Property owners are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable restrictive covenants and homeowners' association rules and regulations.

Open the Backyard Chicken Registration Application

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