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Do I have to submit my bids online using Bid Express?

Yes, beginning October, 2014 all sealed bids to Cobb DOT must be submitted online through BidExpress. Contractors are encouraged to begin using this process to save time and help eliminate errors on their bid.

Is using Bid Express free?

It is free to view bids online using BidExpress. It is also free to download as many digital IDs as you need to submit bids. But, there is a $25 per bid submission fee that is paid to BidExpress. Vendors may also choose to do a monthly subscription of $50 for unlimited bids. Vendors using BidExpress will get electronic notification of all bid addendums.

Can I get plans online, too?

Right now, plans can still be purchased at DOT in either paper form or on a CD. Plans will soon be available from the Cobb DOT website.

What about the bid bond?

Vendors may continue to submit paper bid bonds or certified checks when submitting online bids. Paper bid bonds or certified checks must be turned in to the Cobb County Purchasing Department by Bid Opening time for the bid to be considered responsive.

However, with BidExpress, Vendors are strongly encouraged to use an electronic bid bond number online with their bid through BidExpress. Vendors should contact Surety 2000 or Surepath to set this up and get a valid bid bond number. Bid bond numbers will be verified through BidExpress and Vendors will be notified immediately if the bid bond number is not valid.

How do I learn how to use Bid Express?

There is information and documents available for getting started and using BidExpress on the DOT website. Also, you can call BidExpress Customer Service at (888) 352-2439 for help or instructions or go to Info Tech’s Customer Service has been extremely helpful.

Who do I call if I run into a problem using Bid Express?

BidExpress Customer Service at (888) 352-2439 between the hours of 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday.

Where can I see plan holders list?

Cobb DOT will continue to maintain a plan holders list, but will only include Vendors that purchased bid documents or plans from Cobb DOT. Vendors that purchased bid documents from BidExpress will be listed on the BidExpress website.

What are the Cumberland Area construction projects?

The projects consist of various transportation improvements including:

  • Bob Callan multi-use trail
  • Circle 75 Parkway Drainage repair
  • Cobb Parkway at Circle 75 Parkway
  • Cumberland Boulevard Bridgescape
  • Cumberland Boulevard improvements: Akers Mill Road to Spring Road
  • East Cobb Pipeline Projects (CCMWA)
  • I-75 managed lane project (GDOT)
  • I-285 at Atlanta Road
  • I-285 East Bound ramp to Cobb Pkwy: addition of right turn lane
  • I-285 West Bound ramp to Cobb Pkwy: addition of a barrier separated ramp from the interstate to Circle 75 Parkway
  • Intersection improvements at Windy Hill & Cobb Parkway
  • Interstate North Parkway and Interstate North Circle improvements
  • Multi-use bridge over I-285
  • Spring Road improvements (City of Smyrna)
  • Widening of US 41 from the County line to Akers Mill Road (GDOT)
  • Windy Hill Bridge Diverging Diamond
  • Windy Ridge Parkway at Cobb Parkway improvements
  • Windy Ridge Parkway pedestrian bridge improvements
  • Windy Hill Road thoroughfare improvements
  • Various resurfacing locations on Cobb Parkway (GDOT)
How long will these projects take to complete?

Completion dates vary by project, but all Cobb DOT projects are expected to be completed by June 2017. GDOT’s managed lane completion date is mid-2018.

How has the Braves move impacted these projects?

Many of these larger projects were planned years before the Braves’ decision to come to Cobb County, such as the Windy Hill Road corridor projects (5 separate projects), the I-75 Managed Lane project and Cumberland Blvd. improvements. These projects were contained in the 2011 SPLOST program, which voters approved before the Braves announcement. Several of these projects are to improve safety and create additional lanes to reduce congestion on the roads in this area of Cobb County. Other projects are coming on-line due to the SunTrust Park and The Battery developments, such as the barrier separated ramp from I-285 WB off-ramp directly to Circle 75 Pkwy.

Why are these projects necessary?

Given the halo effect of increased development activity around the SunTrust Park area, CCDOT always strives to look ahead of emerging traffic situations and provide effective solutions.

How will the construction affect my commute?

To make improvements to the transportation infrastructure in this area, these projects will create lane closures, traffic congestion, etc. Construction may add a considerable amount of time to your commute, depending on time of day. Please consider this when commuting or traveling. Also, please watch out for pedestrians and construction crews.

What can I do to minimize the impact on my commute?

At peak hours, you may consider exploring alternate routes. If you cannot use an alternate route, allow extra time for your trip through these areas. You can also utilize, GA 511 and traffic navigation apps like Waze. Dependent on factors such as time of day and weather, the project’s construction may add an indeterminable amount of time onto your regular commute. Another potential action to minimize the impact is to work staggered hours. For example, some of the construction-related traffic congestion could possibly be avoided by working from 6:30 am - 3:30 pm, 7 am - 4 pm or 9 am - 6 pm.