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About the Department of Transportation

Department of Transportation Building

The Department of Transportation (DOT) develops, manages, and operates the county's transportation systems. Those systems include a vast network of roadways, sidewalks, and trails; a transit system that provides public transportation; and a general aviation airport that serves business and recreational flying needs.

More than 150 employees work in Cobb DOT’s seven divisions: administration, engineering, traffic operations, planning, airport, transit, and road maintenance. Working with partners in the community, DOT uses innovative technology to deliver high-impact results.

Transportation supports the county’s residents, businesses and visitors, and Cobb DOT is committed to keeping Cobb in motion.

Frequently Called Numbers

Main: (770) 528-1600
Work Requests: (770) 528-3666

After Hours: All calls to the Work Request line are forwarded to the Water System after-hours number.



Erica Parish, Director, (770) 528-1607
Drew Raessler, Deputy Director, (770) 528-1635
Torie Anderson, Senior Communications Specialist, (770) 528-1629
Lynn Biggs, GIS Manager, (770) 528-1638
Patrick Lewis, Right of Way Manager, (770) 528-1617
Phyllis Stallings, Utility Permitting Manager, (770) 528-1643

The administrative division consists of the department's director and administrative staff who oversee all functions of the department, including the management of its budget and finances as well as personnel matters. This department also administers the county’s Street Light Program and manages the department's right-of-way, GIS, and communications services.


Driveway Permits (Development Services / Site Plan Review)

A residential driveway location that will access a major thoroughfare must be approved by the Department. Commercial driveways are permitted as part of the land disturbance permit process. For driveway permits, please contact a member of the Development Services team:

Amy Diaz, Development Services Manager, (770) 528-1683

Fred Bentley, Site Plan Review Supervisor, (770) 528-1666


Karl Von Hagel, Division Manager, (770) 528-1615

The airport division exercises operational control and management of Cobb County International Airport - McCollum Field, an international airport. This division also initiates and implements programs to enhance the safety and efficiency of the facility.


Michael Francis, Transportation Division Manager/Chief Engineer, (770) 528-1670
Vacant, Environmental Compliance Engineer and PEACH Roads Manager, (770) 590-6350
Russ Ford, Pre-Construction Engineer, (770) 420-6659
Judy Skeel, Construction Engineer, (770) 528-1695
Jim Martinez, District 1 Engineer, (770) 528-4375
Karyn Matthews, District 2 Engineer, (770) 528-1635
Brian Loudermilk, District 3 Engineer, (770) 528-1695
Ligia Florim, District 4 Engineer, (770) 420-6659

The engineering division develops designs for transportation improvements, including roadway, pedestrian and infrastructure upgrades. The division also manages construction of projects and coordinates with regional agencies to implement improvements.

Development Services provides transportation review and analysis of land development activity and maintains the DOT’s Development Standards.


Eric Meyer, Planning Division Manager, (770) 528-1539

The planning division tracks development and population patterns to project future transportation needs and develop strategies to address those needs. These activities include modeling efforts, sidewalk and pathway system (trails) development as well as transit planning. The division works closely with the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA), Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), Cobb’s municipalities and adjacent counties in the planning and programming of projects.

Road Maintenance

Dallas Cain, Division Manager, (770) 528-3674

The road maintenance division operates and maintains the county's roadway systems, including bridges, right-of-way drainage, sidewalks and landscaping.

Street Light Program

Jeffrey Burns, Street Light Program Administrator, (770) 528-1691

The Street Light Program is comprised of general fund lighting (intersections, underpasses, tunnels, etc.) and Street Light District lighting (primarily residential neighborhoods). Street light districts are required in neighborhoods built since 1979 and can be petitioned for in neighborhoods built before 1979.

The fee for street lights ($3.80) is assessed on water bills. 

Traffic Operations

David Montanye, Traffic Operations Division Manager, (770) 528-1684
Brook Martin, ITS Manager, (770) 528-4065
Kelly Patrick, Traffic Engineer Supervisor, (770) 528-1636

The traffic operations division oversees the county's traffic signal systems and operates an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). The division also issues permits to utilities desiring to locate on county right-of-way and oversees pavement marking and signage issues.


Andrea Foard, Transit Division Manager, (770) 427-4444

The transit division oversees the contracted daily operations of CobbLinc, the county’s public transportation system.  CobbLinc offers fixed route local bus, commuter express bus, paratransit, and FLEX on-demand services.  The division also plans and implements capital and operations programs to enhance and expand the system.

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