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Roadway Maintenance

Roadway Maintenance

Diagram of public right-of-way
Roadway maintenance crews are responsible for maintaining county-owned DOT structures (roads & bridges) as well as the right-of-way (ROW) around county-owned DOT facilities (roads, bridges, roadway shoulders, medians, roundabouts, gateway signs, sidewalk).
Road maintenance activities take place within the ROW only. 

What is the Right-of-Way (ROW)?

In general, for road maintenance purposes, the ROW is the buffer area that extends beyond the road surface and includes all elements of the roadway (i.e., sidewalks, guardrails, trails) as well as any public utilities. The buffer width and actual distance from the curb/road centerline varies.

County-Maintained vs. State/City Maintained

Not every road/bridge located in Cobb County is owned/maintained by the county. The Georgia Department of Transportation owns/maintains interstates, U.S. highways and state routes as well as the bridges located along these facilities. The county does maintain the medians along U.S. highways and state routes that are not located within city boundaries. However, the maintenance of the road, sidewalks, shoulders, and related areas along these roads is handled by the Georgia Department of Transportation. Below is a list of U.S. highways and state routes that are maintained by the Georgia Department of Transportation.
  • Alabama Rd (SR 92)
  • Austell Road (SR 5)
  • Barrett Parkway (SR 5 Connector)
  • Canton Road Connector (SR 5 Spur)
  • C H James Parkway (US 278/SR 6)
  • Cobb Parkway (US 41/SR 3)
  • Dallas-Acworth Highway (SR 92)
  • Dallas Highway (SR 120)
  • Delk Road (SR 280)
  • Lake Acworth Drive (SR 92)
  • Mableton Parkway (SR 139)
  • Macland Road (SR 360)
  • South Marietta Parkway (SR 120)
  • North Marietta Parkway (ALT 120)
  • Richard D. Sailors Parkway (US 278/SR 6)
  • Roswell Road (SR 120)
  • South Cobb Drive (SR 280)
  • Veterans Memorial Highway (US 278/SR 8)
  • Whitlock Ave (SR 120)
Picture of logos for the cities located in Cobb County

In addition, a city maintains the roads located within its boundary.  Approximately 704 miles of road in the county are located within a city.

  • Acworth (89 miles)
  • Austell (42 miles)
  • Kennesaw (105 miles)
  • Marietta (223 miles)
  • Powder Springs (74 miles)
  • Smyrna (171 miles)


Routine Maintenance & Work Orders

Routine maintenance, such as grass cutting, litter detail, and street sweeping, occurs on a regular schedule.
Crews also are dispatched to address work order requests throughout the county. Work orders for roadside trimming, pothole/asphalt repairs, concrete repairs, guardrail/bridge repairs, and drainage infrastructure repair/maintenance are generated in response to a reported or observed issue and can originate internally or in response to citizen requests.

Grass Cutting & Beautification

Grass cutting and beautification activities occur on a regular schedule along major thoroughfares only.

In addition, the county maintain the medians located along U.S. highways and state routes that are not located within city boundaries.  However, the maintenance of the road, sidewalks, shoulders, and related areas along U.S. highways and state routes is handled by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

  • Medians: 7 day cycle
  • Sidewalks: 14-21 day cycle
  • Shoulders without sidewalks: 45-60 day cycle

Litter is addressed by crews during normal cutting routes

Litter Detail

  • Only debris in ROW or roadway is removed
  • Litter detail occurs on Saturdays
  • Debris is removed in the order that the report is received (debris posing a travel hazard is removed immediately)
  • Maintenance crews do not remove dead animals (removed by Animal Control)

Street Sweeping

  • Street sweeping occurs quarterly along major thoroughfares only.

Roadside Trimming

  • Roadside trimming and tree inspection occurs in response to work orders
  • Trees in the ROW are inspected and removed if warranted
  • Trees/shrubs obstructing signage or sight distance are trimmed or removed
  • Major thoroughfares inspected annually
  • County crews do not trim trees located outside of ROW
  • County crews do not remove debris placed in the ROW or roadway by property owners
  • Removal of fallen trees or portions of fallen trees located outside the ROW is the responsibility of the property owner

Asphalt Repairs

  • Asphalt crews generally have a 72-working-hour-turnaround for pothole repair
  • Asphalt crews also repair asphalt damage related to tree roots, depressions, and failing sections of drainage infrastructure
  • Maintenance crews do not remove dead animals (removed by Animal Control)
  • Maintenance crews do not resurface/repave roads (part of SPLOST program)

To learn more about resurfacing at DOT, view our story map

Drainage Structures

  • DOT maintains drainage structures located within the ROW only
  • Crews perform preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of flooding (debris/build up removal from pipes, catch basins, and inlet/outlet controlled structures)
  • Maintenance crews do not maintain or clear drainage structures and systems that were not installed, designed, or that are not owned by the county, such as: 
    • Open channel ditches
    • Driveway pipes (responsibility of the property owner)
  • Crews do not maintain drainage infrastructure located outside of the ROW (responsibility of Cobb Water Department Stormwater Management)

Concrete Repairs (Sidewalk/Curb & Gutter)

  • Sidewalks repairs are made to address functional or safety issues only as determined by a concrete supervisor
  • Due to staffing and budgetary constraints, maintenance crews do not:
    • Repair sidewalks that do not pose safety or functionality issue as determined by a concrete supervisor
    • Install new sidewalks (part of SPLOST program)
    • Repair curb & gutter repair (reports tracked)


  • Maintenance crews perform minor bridge repairs on county-owned bridges, including debris removal, re-decking, joint sealing, cleaning weep holes and clearing channels around bridge foundations
  • Maintenance crews repair/replace existing guardrail, fence, & handrails only
  • Maintenance crews do not install guardrail in new locations (handled by Traffic Operations)


  • Because graffiti does not pose a safety risk to travelers, graffiti removal is not a priority for maintenance crews
  • Due to staffing and budgetary constraints, maintenance crews do not remove graffiti unless it is gang-related/obscene (reports are tracked)

Weather & Special Event Response

Weather Events

  • Crews work around the clock during weather events (heavy rain/high winds/snow/ice) to clear roads of debris and hazards including:
    • Tree/debris removal to clear roadways
    • Bridge brining/road salting along pre-established routes

Special Events

  • Maintenance crews deploy traffic control equipment for lane/road closures and perform flagging functions for county-related projects as needed
  • Maintenance crews also deploy all barricades, cones, and signs for Braves games and large events throughout the county

Citizen Reporting/Work Order Requests

To report maintenance issues by phone, please call the Maintenance Work Desk at (770) 528-1600 during regular business hours.

The public can report routine maintenance issues, such as potholes, traffic signals repairs, road debris, downed signs, and sidewalk damage, online using the SeeClickFix online tool or mobile app (free to download in your app store).  Once submitted, concerns are instantly routed to the appropriate staff and the user receives an email acknowledging the service request and a follow-up email once the work is complete or the issue has been resolved.

When submitting work requests, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please take the time to verify the location of the issue being reported
    • The address shown should be the location of the issue being reported. For parks-related issues, make sure the location shown is inside the park.
    • To adjust the location, you can:
      • Hit the "my location" icon to use your current location
      • Move the map around until the correct address appears
      • Type the closest address to the location of the issue into the empty field
  • Take pictures! 
    • Having a picture of the issue allows staff to properly schedule and address work orders, which saves time and resources.
  • Create an account
    • Creating an account allows users to track their requests and enables two-way communication with staff in case we need more information!

In the event of an emergency, call 911.