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Driveway Permitting

While there is not a separate permitting process for driveways, residential driveways accessing a Cobb County road must be approved by Cobb DOT. 

Most driveway locations are approved through the Plan Review process, either as part of getting an approved Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) or an approved final plat.

If the driveway location was not included in the original LDP or final plat, the new driveway should be reviewed and approved by Cobb County DOT. Review and approval is also required during the street address assignment process if this is the initial driveway access to the property.

Either the property owner or the contractor installing the driveway can reach out to Cobb County DOT to request a driveway review. You will be required to provide the property address and a sketch of the proposed driveway details. If approved, Cobb DOT will issue a driveway approval letter for the property.

For driveway approval, please contact Cobb DOT's Development Service team:

James Washington
Site Plan Review Supervisor
(770) 528-1644

Amy Diaz, PE, PTOE
Engineer III
(770) 528-1683

Commercial driveways are permitted through Cobb County Community Development. For more information on development guidelines in Cobb County or to download a copy of the current Cobb County Development Standards, visit the Cobb County Community Development page and click "Forms." 

For specific questions about commercial driveways, please contact Cobb DOT’s Development service team.

Driveways accessing a state road require a Georgia Department of Transportation Encroachment Permit for all work within the state right-of-way. To download a copy of the permit or to obtain the contact information for the District 7 (metro Atlanta) Access Manager, click the above link to the GDOT Access Management page.