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Roadway Maintenance Division

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Report Routine Roadway Maintenance Issues

Submit requests for non-emergency, routine roadway maintenance, such as potholes, traffic signals repairs, road debris, downed signs, and sidewalk damage, electronically using the SeeClickFix online tool or mobile app (free to download in your app store).  If you create an account, you can track the progress of your request and receive automatic updates on the status of your request.

Road Maintenance Services

For more information on Cobb DOT's road maintenance services, please visit the Road Maintenance page.

Roadway maintenance crews are responsible for routine and emergency maintenance of the roadway system. Crews are deployed to address issues such as:

  • potholes
  • roadway flooding
  • sidewalk disrepair
  • sign issues
  • trees/brushes blocking sight (in right-of-way)
  • grass cutting
  • litter/graffiti
  • debris on road/in right-of-way

You can report routine maintenance issues online using the SeeClickFix online tool or mobile app or by calling the Maintenance Work Desk at (770) 528-1600 during regular business hours.