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Lighting/Sidewalk Districts

Cobb DOT assists with the implementation of several programs that are funded by participants within established districts.

Street Light  Program (Street Light Districts/Pedestrian Lighting Districts)

Governed by a Street Light Ordinance and Pedestrian Lighting Ordinance, this program provides for the creation of street light districts through a lighting plan development and review process and though coordination with developers and/or neighborhood groups. Districts are typically neighborhoods or sections of roadways where lighting is provided for the primary benefit of a defined group of property owners. In these areas, street light districts are formed with each property owner within the district incurring a fee for the service. 

Lighting districts are formed under two scenarios: 

  • A new neighborhood or developer-built roadway to be dedicated to the county is required to form a lighting district
  • A property owner successfully petitions the county to have street lights installed and has approval from at least 75 percent of lot owners impacted

Pedestrian lighting supplements street lighting and is installed in areas where high levels of pedestrian activity occur and high density development exists.  All pedestrian lighting is installed following a similar petition process in which community support is required.  

The Street Light Program also provides for intersection and safety lighting which is funded by the county‚Äôs general fund and includes lighting installed along major roadways, at signalized intersections, and at locations deemed to have special conditions where safety can be improved with the addition of lighting.  Lighting in these areas is considered to provide mutual benefits to all County residents.

Sidewalk District Program

This program is governed by the Sidewalk District Ordinance. Cobb County currently requires all developers to install sidewalks in new-build developments. Typically, the cost of new sidewalks is absorbed, by the homeowner, in the cost of the new home. But not every neighborhood in Cobb County, due to location or age, has sidewalks or sidewalk access. In these cases, a property owner can submit a petition requesting that a Sidewalk District be created. 

If the request meets county requirements, Cobb DOT staff prepare a proposal package that includes a petition, a plat outlining the proposed district, a project cost estimate, and a cost per property owner being served by the proposed district. The petitioner is required to distribute this information among neighboring lot owners of the proposed district.  If at least 75 percent of lot owners approve its creation, and there is no request for a public hearing about the proposed Sidewalk District, the Board of Commissioners can take action to approve creation of the district.

To begin any of these processes, submit a request to the Cobb County DOT at