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Transportation Project Open Houses

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To comply with social distancing guidelines related to COVID-19, Cobb DOT is providing an online platform for public information open houses. The information provided on this page replaces in-person meetings, while allowing the public to review the project information, provide feedback, and email or call with questions.  

Lower Roswell Road Virtual Open House (Cobb DOT Project No. E6020)

The purpose of this virtual open house is to provide the public with an opportunity to view the concept being advanced and to express their interest and questions. The information provided below is the same as would be provided at an in-person open house. This information will be available for review through April 30, 2021.  Please note that there is no scheduled event or presentation related to this open house.

Comments and questions regarding this project should be submitted in writing to [email protected] or mailed to Cobb DOT, Attn: Lower Roswell Road Project No. E6020, 1890 County Services Parkway, Marietta, GA 30008.  For hand written comments, please download the optional comment card.

The deadline for comments is April 30, 2021.

Offline materials will be made available to the public for pick up at the East Cobb Library, 4880 Lower Roswell Rd suite 510-B, Marietta, GA 30068 through April 30, 2021. This packet will include a letter thanking the public for their interest and providing details on how to submit comments, the project fact sheet, a hard copy of the concept (11x17), and an open-comment card. The public can obtain the information packet during normal library hours. These materials are also available for download below. Please note that the East Cobb Library has limited operational hours due to the pandemic. Please call (770) 509-2730 to verify library hours of operation.  

Partial picture of concept drawing
Project Concept

Click to download the project concept being advanced for this project.

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Fact Sheet

Click to download the fact sheet for this project.

Project Purpose & Preferred Alternative

Map showing project area

As part of the 2011 SPLOST, Cobb County DOT Project #E6020 was enacted to improve traffic flow and safety along Lower Roswell Road between Woodlawn Drive and Davidson Road. This project will provide safety and operational improvements to Lower Roswell Road from Woodlawn Drive to Davidson Road through a combination of intersection improvements, a raised median, bicycle lanes, and sidewalks.

The project design team studied five separate alternatives for the project and evaluated each based on potential crash reductions, capacity, probable costs, property impacts, property access and improving pedestrian/bicycle accommodations.  Following two public meetings and stakeholder outreach to business in the area, a preferred alternative was identified as having the best balance of the above considerations. 

A raised median is proposed by the preferred alternative along Lower Roswell Road between Johnson Ferry Road and Davidson Road which will reduce the left turn conflicts with through traffic. This turn conflict elimination has a twofold effect by potentially reducing the number of angular crashes in this section to be less than the statewide average for comparable roadways as well as increasing capacity by having less interference with the through traffic.

On the west end of the project, pavement marking improvements on Lower Roswell Road are proposed between Woodlawn Drive and Johnson Ferry Road, enhancing operations and intersection improvements at the Woodlawn Drive intersection will improve capacity and operations.

An 8-foot multi-use trail and bike lanes will be extended from the existing facilities at Davidson Road to Woodlawn Drive, per the BOC adopted Master Trails and Greenways Plan.

A raised median between Woodlawn Drive and Johnson Ferry Road was investigated; however, there were no alternative ways to provide southside inter-parcel access, so it was not recommended for this section.  Further, the crash history along this portion of Lower Roswell Road is substantially less than between Johnson Ferry Road to Davison Road from 2016 to 2018 (19 vs. 42 crashes).

The proposed alternative eliminates particular types of crashes that occurred during the 3-year study period (2016-2018).  A potential 72% reduction in crashes is anticipated with a median between Johnson Ferry Road and Davidson Road.  This is particularly important as traffic volumes increase along this section of roadway.  Additional historical data from 1997 to 2012 shows that 67% of the crashes in this section are right angle crashes that would be preventable by a median.  

Community Benefits

  • Adds Bike & Pedestrian Travel Options
  • Reduces Frequency/Severity of Crashes
  • Increases Turn-Lane Storage
  • Reduces Delay/Travel Time

Key Concept Highlights

  • Safety & operational improvements from Woodlawn Dr to Davidson Rd
  • Westbound right lane carries through intersection with Woodlawn Dr to improve signal timing
  • New right-turn lane from westbound Lower Roswell Rd to northbound Woodlawn Dr 
  • Flared right-turn approach from northbound Woodlawn Dr to eastbound Lower Roswell Rd
  • Dual left-turn lanes provided from westbound Lower Roswell Rd to southbound Johnson Ferry Rd
  • New right-turn lane from westbound Lower Roswell Rd to northbound Johnson Ferry Rd
  • Raised median added on Lower Roswell Rd from Johnson Ferry Rd to Davidson Rd to enhance safety and operations (left-turn bays provide access into Kroger & McDonald’s driveways)
  • Bike lanes added on Lower Roswell Rd from Woodlawn Dr to existing bike lanes near Davidson Rd
  • Sidewalks provided throughout the corridor

Tentative Schedule

  • Right of way approval: 2021
  • Construction:  2022-2023 (estimated 12 to 18 month duration)

Public Outreach

  • Two Public Information Open House (PIOH) meetings completed in November 2012 and January 2013 plus numerous meetings with area businesses

Community Concerns: Business Access

Inadequate business access is typically perceived as the principal drawback to raised medians in commercial areas, so the project design team went through numerous analyses and incorporated additional measures into the project so businesses adjacent to the proposed raised median could still be accessed by motorists in either direction. Left-turn access will be provided into the Kroger/Parkaire Shopping Center as well as into the McDonald’s.

Traffic studies determined that the proposed travel time from exiting Parkaire Landing with an eastbound, right-turn with a U-turn at the Davidson Road intersection or via Davidson Road with a left turn to Lower Roswell Road was significantly less or slightly less, respectively, than the current time for a westbound left-turn onto Lower Roswell Road.  Finally, the project team also recommended some pavement marking and signage modifications that Parkaire Landing could make to their parking lot to coincide with an anticipated enlargement to the Kroger store that would improve accessibility to the proposed median.

Map of area with travel times

Turning right and then making a U-turn or exiting on Davidson Road from Parkaire Landing to westbound Lower Roswell Road with a raised median actually takes less time than waiting to make a left turn without the raised median.

Crash Summary

Crash Analysis Along Lower Roswell Road (excludes crashes at intersection of Lower Roswell Road with Johnson Ferry Road)

Year Btw Woodlawn Dr & 
Johnson Ferry Rd
Btw Johnson Ferry Rd & Davidson Rd
2016 6 17
2017  4 16
2018 9
Total 19 42
Average 6 14
Picture of concept for Lower Roswell Road Project