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About the Comprehensive Transportation Plan

What is a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP?)

A CTP is a county-wide, long-range multimodal transportation plan that assesses a county’s existing and future transportation needs including roadways, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, transit services, and freight considerations. The goals of a CTP are to assist with identifying short- and long-term transportation priorities, to establish a relationship between local and regional expectations, and to reinforce and support other local and regional planning and funding initiatives. In general, CTPs are updated every five years.

CobbForward (Cobb's Current CTP Update)

Cobb County last completed a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) in 2015—and much has changed in that time! Population has increased, and transportation needs and opinions have shifted within the County and region. At the same time, new technologies and transportation solutions are now available that can enhance and transform Cobb’s future transportation system. To update the CTP and leverage these new tools and strategies, the County and the Cities are embarking on CobbForward—the County’s CTP for 2050. 

Cobb County’s current CTP update, CobbForward will result in a series of project lists that will position the County for future implementation. Some projects will form the transportation basis of the County’s next Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) while other projects may be identified for potential future funding sources. Some projects may be elevated for consideration in the Regional Transportation Plan and compete for federal and state funds. Additionally, CobbForward will include County transit recommendations that can be incorporated into the region’s transit vision, which will be developed and managed by the newly formed Atlanta Transit Link Authority (The ATL).

CobbForward, is anticipated to be completed and adopted by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners by 2021. For more information on the schedule, click here.

Who is involved in CobbForward?

A team of consultants, led by Kimley-Horn, is working with Cobb County DOT staff to develop CobbForward. This team of project leaders will work with other County staff, elected leaders, regional partners (including the Atlanta Regional Commission), and officials throughout Cobb County and adjacent communities to facilitate the CTP process and identify priority projects and initiatives.

CobbForward will balance a robust technical analysis with a well-designed public engagement process. Recommendations will be shaped by input from the public through multiple rounds of public meetings, community events, social media and website updates, online surveys, and a scientific phone-based survey.

CobbForward Opportunities for Public Input

We cannot complete CobbForward without YOU!

CobbForward completed the first round of public involvement in 2019. Click here to explore files and information for activities completed to date.

In 2021, the team is coming back to the community to gather input on a series of surface transportation (pedestrian, bicycling, and trail) and transit projects. Your feedback and participation in CobbForward will help to inform the future of transportation investments in the County for the next 30 years.  Click here to view a list of current opportunities for public involvement.