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Roadway Planning

Active Studies

Cobb Parkway (US41/SR 3) at Windy Hill Road Grade Separation Scoping Study (2016 SPLOST - X2540)

The Cobb Parkway (US41/SR 3) at Windy Hill Road Grade Separation Scoping Study will explore alternatives to improve traffic operation and safety at this heavily traveled intersection. Alternatives will be considered to grade separate Cobb Parkway and Windy Hill Road to eliminate some of the vehicle conflicts that are strangling the operation of this critical intersection. Grade separation involves aligning the roadways at different heights to reduce disruption of traffic flow when they cross each other. Other alternatives that do not physically grade separate the two roads will also be considered.

Each alternative will be appraised by a variety of factors including safety, traffic operation, cost, right-of-way (ROW), accessibility to adjacent commercial development, bicycle and pedestrian movements, constructability, and aesthetics. Stakeholder and public involvement will play a key role in identifying issues, developing potential solutions and evaluating alternatives, and as such will include a variety of outreach tools and techniques to connect and engage. The process will result in a recommended alternative for future further study.

The Cobb Parkway at Windy Hill Road intersection has long been recognized as a major source of congestion and travel delay, both locally and regionally. The project to grade separate the intersection is identified in the 2015 Cobb County Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) and included in the 2016 and 2022 Cobb County SPLOST. Additionally, it is an approved roadway project in the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), which allocates federal funds for the highest-priority projects in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). This scoping study is the first step in the process to identify the appropriate improvements and determine their feasibility for this complex project.

Study Documents

Existing Conditions Analysis Report

Map of Study Area

Public Involvement

Public Information Open House Presentation (3/16/2022)

Stakeholder Steering Committee Workshop (2/2/2022)

Stakeholder Steering Committee Meeting #2 (12/15/2021)

Stakeholder Steering Committee Meeting #1 (11/17/202)

Completed Roadway Studies & Plans

Austell Road Access Management Study

Major Thoroughfare Plan (2009)

Senior Adult Transportation Study (2007)

Cobb DOT has completed the Senior Adult Transportation Study, a study to improve accessibility and mobility for older adults living in Cobb County. This study helps identify ways to make better use of and improve existing transportation resources and options for Cobb County senior adults.