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District 2 Commissioner

About Commissioner Jerica Richardson

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Commissioner Jerica Richardson represents the eastern part of Cobb County which includes Smyrna, Vinings, East Cobb, Cumberland CID, and other parts of unincorporated Cobb County. Her platform is predicated on the idea that when we are connected, we can empathize, and overcome any challenge. Being a diverse metro county, her primary goal is to use the challenges the county faces to elevate conversations that communities around the country should be having. Such challenges on the horizon include rapid and diverse growth, balancing development demands, environmental stability and technology, discrimination, trust in law enforcement, recession-proofing the community, and long-term wealth gaps and inequality. She believes in working closely with the community and that there are only permanent interests in advancing the public welfare. As a private citizen, Jerica is a Georgia Tech graduate in Biomedical Engineering, and works full time as a Program Manager at Equifax. She is also a small business owner and author.

Chattahoochee River Flood Gauge Map
Chattahoochee River Flood Gauge Map

The Chattahoochee Flood Map is an online application that allows those living along the Chattahoochee River, and its immediate tributaries, to see where rising river levels will be relative to their property. Using the existing flood gauge level, or the predicted one from the National Weather Service (NWS) or United States Geological Survey (USGS), you can get an estimate as to how far over the river banks the water may come.

How to Use the Map

Understanding the Map Screen

Beginning at the upper left of the screen you will see "Plus/Minus", "Home", and "My Location" buttons. These are explained below. Next there is a search window to manually enter an address. Below the search window are five buttons: "Bookmark", "Basemap Gallery", "Print", "Measure", and "Share". Moving to the upper right corner there are two drop down menus: "Legend", and "Layer List". Finally, in the lower left corner is a scale.

  • Plus/Minus: Allows zooming in and out on the map
  • Home: Goes to the center location of the source map. This is Columns Drive.
  • My Location: Moves the map to your location
  • Bookmark: Opens a popup that has nine preloaded map locations
  • Basemap Gallery: Opens a popup that allows you to change the underlying map.
  • Print: Will create an image file of the viewed map and will allow it to be printed
  • Measure: Opens a window that allows the measurement of distance or area. To measure a distance, click on the first location and then move the cursor to the other location and double click.
  • Share: Allows the sharing of a link to the application
  • Legend: Shows the legend for parcels and buildings
  • Layer List: This window allows the user to select various parameters to be displayed on the map including, flood gauge readings, FEMA Floodplains, parcels (up to 2000’ from the river) and buildings

Application Instructions

  1. Select the location you wish to view using either the Bookmark button or the My Location button.
  2. To use the Layer List, select the appropriate box to display the information you wish to view. (flood gauge level, parcels, etc.)
  3. If desired, use the Basemap Gallery to change to a satellite view. Turning off the Cobb Building Outline box will show the satellite view of the structures.

To measure a distance:

  1. Select the Measure button and click on the second option in the menu (Distance)
  2. Click anywhere on the map to begin the measurement.
  3. Continue to click to add additional measurement points.
  4. Double click to complete the measurement.
Zoning Map
Online Zoning Analysis

View Planning and Zoning cases.

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PENS is maintained by Cobb Police to enhance communication between our police precincts and the communities they serve. Police Precincts 3 and 4 are both in District 2.

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Opioid Awareness and Resources
Opioid Awareness and Resources

A collection of maps and apps used by public health and safety agencies to communicate the severity of the opioid epidemic, promote treatment alternatives, and understand the effectiveness of response activities.


JOSH Small Area Plan Draft now available for public review

The Johnson Ferry and Shallowford Road Small Area Plan (JOSH) is up for a 30-day public review. After an extensive public engagement process, including six (6) community meetings and an image preference survey, staff from the Cobb County Community Development Agency has completed a draft of the JOSH Small Area Plan.

The draft will be available for review online for 30 days starting June 3, on the Community Development Planning page. Please feel free to contact us with any input at or via US Mail to Cobb County Community Development, Planning Division, P.O. Box 649, Marietta, GA 30061-0649.

Johnson Ferry and Shallowford Road Small Area Plan Draft

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Atlanta Braves in Cobb

Plan your visit to the Home of the Braves, Truist Park.

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District 2 Commissioner, Jerica Richardson
(770) 528-3315
(770) 528-2606 fax

District 2 Commission Assistant, Megan Postell
(770) 528-3315