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Chattahoochee River Flood Gauge Map
Chattahoochee River Flood Gauge Map

The Chattahoochee Flood Map is an online application that allows those living along the Chattahoochee River, and its immediate tributaries, to see where rising river levels will be relative to their property. Using the existing flood gauge level, or the predicted one from the National Weather Service (NWS) or United States Geological Survey (USGS), you can get an estimate as to how far over the river banks the water may come.

How to Use the Map

Understanding the Map Screen

Beginning at the upper left of the screen you will see "Plus/Minus", "Home", and "My Location" buttons. These are explained below. Next there is a search window to manually enter an address. Below the search window are five buttons: "Bookmark", "Basemap Gallery", "Print", "Measure", and "Share". Moving to the upper right corner there are two drop down menus: "Legend", and "Layer List". Finally, in the lower left corner is a scale.

  • Plus/Minus: Allows zooming in and out on the map
  • Home: Goes to the center location of the source map. This is Columns Drive.
  • My Location: Moves the map to your location
  • Bookmark: Opens a popup that has nine preloaded map locations
  • Basemap Gallery: Opens a popup that allows you to change the underlying map.
  • Print: Will create an image file of the viewed map and will allow it to be printed
  • Measure: Opens a window that allows the measurement of distance or area. To measure a distance, click on the first location and then move the cursor to the other location and double click.
  • Share: Allows the sharing of a link to the application
  • Legend: Shows the legend for parcels and buildings
  • Layer List: This window allows the user to select various parameters to be displayed on the map including, flood gauge readings, FEMA Floodplains, parcels (up to 2000’ from the river) and buildings

Application Instructions

  1. Select the location you wish to view using either the Bookmark button or the My Location button.
  2. To use the Layer List, select the appropriate box to display the information you wish to view. (flood gauge level, parcels, etc.)
  3. If desired, use the Basemap Gallery to change to a satellite view. Turning off the Cobb Building Outline box will show the satellite view of the structures.

To measure a distance:

  1. Select the Measure button and click on the second option in the menu (Distance)
  2. Click anywhere on the map to begin the measurement.
  3. Continue to click to add additional measurement points.
  4. Double click to complete the measurement.

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Zoning Map
Online Zoning Analysis

View Planning and Zoning cases.

Cobb Overdose Prevention Effort

Five COPE Seals

Cobb County in partnership with the Cobb County District Attorney, The Cobb County Solicitor, the Cobb County Sheriff and the Davis Direction Foundation created this educational tool, the Cope House (Cobb Overdose Prevention Effort), to help combat the overdose epidemic.

This mobile classroom was designed to help educate parents about warning signs of drug addiction and how to keep teens away from illegal drugs. The house is designed to mirror a teenager’s bedroom, bathroom and closet.  More than 50 items are on display within the area (clues).

Peer Support Specialists, those in long term recovery, will give tours to the public. If you or your organization would like to have the COPE trailer at an event, submit a request using the COPE House Request Form.

Subscribe to Commission District 2 or the Police Email Notification System (PENS)

PENS is maintained by Cobb Police to enhance communication between our police precincts and the communities they serve. Police Precincts 3 and 4 are both in District 2.

If you have not received a confirmation email, check your spam folder.

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Opioid Awareness and Resources
Opioid Awareness and Resources

A collection of maps and apps used by public health and safety agencies to communicate the severity of the opioid epidemic, promote treatment alternatives, and understand the effectiveness of response activities.


Neighborhood Safety Commission and Precinct 4 Community Meeting Topic: Mail Theft / Identity Theft

This past Tuesday evening Precinct 4 held a meeting for all residents to discuss the recent mail theft in the area. Major Batterton, Captain Mestre, Inspector Duncan, Sheriff’s office, Postal Inspector Ms. Green each gave a presentation about the role of their office and tips to protect to yourself from mail and identity theft.

  1. If you think you are a victim of mail or identity theft call 911. 911 dispatch will route this to Precinct 4 and the call will be followed up by a detective. It is important to call 911 first. Do not call the non-emergency number. If you do not report it they do not know that this is a problem in the area.
  2. Call and report the incident to the Postal Inspector at 877-876-2455 or report the incident online at
  3. Call the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office at 770-499-4725

Identity Theft:

  1. Check your bank statements to see if your check numbers are following in the correct sequence. The thief is only looking to get your personnel check to steal your name, address, checking and routing account number and the actual Check number that allows them to use that information to gain access into your account.
  2. Check your credit cards regularly to make sure that you recognize the charges.

How to Protect Yourself

  1. Do not put checks in your mailbox to leave overnight with the flag up. The best practice is to take your mail to the Post Office.
  2. Set up Informed Delivery through the United State Postal Service. This service will send you a daily picture of the mail that will be placed in your box. You can then check the mail to make sure that you have received all the items that was shown on your email.
  3. Purchase cameras for your house. These cameras help the detectives and you the homeowner by reviewing the information and get a possible ID on the person or the car. Examples include:
    1. A Ring doorbell camera
    2. A motion camera placed on the side of your house pointing towards your mailbox
    3. Mailbox alarms that notify you when your mailbox has been opened.
  4. Freeze your credit now before you have had an identity theft issue. 

Holiday Safety Tips

  • Do not leave anything of value in your car. Locking your car door with a car alarm does not protect you. The thief will break your window, grab your valuables, and run.
  • If you see someone breaking into your car, call 911. Do not confront them. Thieves may be carrying weapons. Call 911 and stay on the phone with them so you can tell dispatch the direction the thief went. This information helps the police when arriving to answer your emergency.
  • Do not leave your garage door open. Before you go to bed, double check that the garage door is closed.
  • Lock your car.
  • Write down or take pictures of all the serial numbers of your electronic devices. If they are stolen, the chances that they can be recovered are much higher.

JOSH Small Area Plan Draft now available for public review

The Johnson Ferry and Shallowford Road Small Area Plan (JOSH) is up for a 30-day public review. After an extensive public engagement process, including six (6) community meetings and an image preference survey, staff from the Cobb County Community Development Agency has completed a draft of the JOSH Small Area Plan.

The draft will be available for review online for 30 days starting June 3, on the Community Development Planning page. Please feel free to contact us with any input at [email protected] or via US Mail to Cobb County Community Development, Planning Division, P.O. Box 649, Marietta, GA 30061-0649.

Johnson Ferry and Shallowford Road Small Area Plan Draft

A Message to East Cobb

I, along with the rest of the Board of Commissioners, am especially grateful to Friends for the East Cobb Park. You may have read in the newspaper that this nonprofit group contributed to make up for a shortfall in County funds needed to close this purchase. The final figure isn’t available just yet but is expected to be over $100,000. You’ll recall that this is the group of community volunteers who raised over $1 million to purchase the original 13-acres of the East Cobb Park almost 20 years ago. This is a very unique public/private partnership that we are all very proud of. The Friends group once again stepped up to assist so that the east Cobb community’s much-loved park can literally double in size. What wasn’t in the paper is that these funds came from an endowment fund established over 15 years ago from a generous grant matched by funds that the group raised. Interest from this endowment has been used over the years to make various improvements to the park. The Friends group, with the assistance of the Cobb Community Foundation where the fund is held, received permission to utilize some of the principal from the account to cover this shortfall, with a promise to launch a new fundraising campaign to raise money to replenish the fund. 
The board of Friends for the East Cobb Park is planning to launch a new fundraising campaign, and you can soon learn more about it on their website  It’s my hope that the east Cobb community will rise to the occasion and consider participating in the campaign. Remember that the community will one day have the opportunity to purchase the remaining acreage, and any funds raised over and above the amount needed to restore the endowment fund will be earmarked to assist with this potential purchase down the road. I have heard from many, many of you over the years regarding the Tritt property, and now the east Cobb community will have the opportunity to be a part of this exciting project. I have personally pledged $1,000 to the campaign, and challenge each of you to consider how you and your family can help. To make a tax-deductible contribution please make your check payable to “Friends for the East Cobb Park” and mail it to P.O. Box 6313 Marietta, Georgia 30065.

I’ll continue to provide updates in my newsletter and look forward to seeing a long list of supporters!

East Cobb Park Expansion Presentation

Information and Resources

About Commissioner Bob Ott

Bob Ott works for Delta Air Lines as an international A-330 pilot. Prior to Delta, he served in the United States Air Force and as a seventh and eighth grade science teacher. He is also the owner of DBO Software, which does forensic computing and consulting. 

His public service activities include serving on the Board of Advisors for 3Star Communities which seeks to develop a formal collaborative education-housing model that could be scaled to blighted communities in the metro area. He is a member of the Advisory Board for the Strand Theater and also serves on the Administrative Council at Mt Bethel United Methodist Church as the Scouting Coordinator for all scouting activities with the Cub Scout Pack and Boy Scout Troop at the church.  He has served on numerous county boards and committees.

Ott holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Bucknell University and a master's degree in systems management from the University of Southern California. He and his wife Judy have two children and are members of Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church.

Commission District Two encompasses the eastern part of Cobb County and includes the Mabry Park area, East Cobb, Terrell Mill/Powers Ferry area, Vinings, and parts of Smyrna. It also includes Cumberland, a major metro employment center, and home to the Atlanta Braves. SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta which opened in 2017 have become a major entertainment center that compliments the many businesses in the area. Convenient to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, the area is home to major corporations such as Home Depot, IBM and Racetrac and includes a nationally-ranked convention facility, the Cobb-Galleria Centre. The district is enjoying a resurgence in upscale residential development.

Events Calendar

Atlanta Braves in Cobb

Plan your visit to the Home of the Braves, SunTrust Park.

Braves Stadium Rendering


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