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Ongoing and Completed Projects

2018 Apartment Density Study

The Planning Division of Community Development has prepared an informational document about apartments throughout Cobb County (including unincorporated areas and each of the six cities).  The 2018 Apartment Density Study is a refresh of a similar document produced in 2002 and contains information regarding location, age, size (square footage), and average rental rates of apartment units.  Download the 2018 Apartment Density Study.

Dobbins ARB Joint Land Use Study Website
Dobbins ARB Joint Land Use: Light Pollution Study

The Light Pollution Study is part of the Dobbins ARB Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) Implementation that brings together Cobb County, the cities of Marietta and Smyrna, and Dobbins ARB, to understand and assess nighttime lighting conditions surrounding the base and propose recommendations to support the aviation missions at Dobbins ARB. The overall intent of the JLUS and Light Pollution Study is to support a healthy economy, environment, and community, while safeguarding the military mission. 

Small Area Studies

Johnson Ferry/Shallowford Road (JOSH) Small Area Plan


JOSH is a small area plan centered on the intersection of Johnson Ferry and Shallowford Roads. It will be administered and facilitated by a team consisting of staff from the Planning Division of Cobb County Community Development, the Cobb County Department of Transportation, Cobb P.A.R.K.S, and the Stormwater Division of the Cobb County Water System. The purpose of JOSH is to provide guidance to the Board of Commissioners regarding policy and decisions pertaining to land use, design guidelines, parks and greenspace facilities, and infrastructure. The JOSH plan will supplement the Cobb 2040 Comprehensive Plan, and is in response to current and anticipated development/redevelopment trends in the area.


JOSH will focus on five key elements: future land use, design guidelines, stormwater management, parks and greenspace, and transportation. Due to anticipated growth, new development and redevelopment, future land use will be a key focal point of the study. Issues and concerns will be identified by community members and addressed through the concept plan and implementation recommendations. The design guidelines element will be developed to re-create an identity for the Johnson Ferry Road/Shallowford Road community. This will aid in promoting a quality community that articulates a sense of place, aesthetically pleasing buildings and streetscape design that will be identified through the public participation phase of the study.   As Stormwater Management has been a topic of concern in the past, a Stormwater element will be included within the plan to address impacts due to erosion and/or flooding. Parks and greenspace will also be a focal point of the study. As such, there will be a focus on identifying needs for new parks, trail connectivity and any other community concerns. A Transportation element will also be a part of JOSH. Transportation recommendations identified in the Cobb County Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) will be brought forward and any additional issues and concerns will be addressed through the Transportation element.


After the public participation phase of the study is complete, a conceptual master plan map will be developed.  The conceptual plan will outline the specific issues and concerns identified via the stakeholder group and public input according to the five plan elements. Additionally, an action plan will be created to address the issues and concerns.


In addition to the concept master plan, JOSH will also include recommendations identified through the public participation portion of the study process. Recommendations will be formulated for each of the elements through a cooperative effort involving the stakeholders and other community members. The recommendations will be firmly tied to the conceptual master plan.


The JOSH plan will be developed in part by way of an extensive public participation program. A stakeholder group has been established, consisting of key individuals representing a variety of groups and organizations. Stakeholders include neighborhood/civic groups and business/commercial representatives. In addition to the Stakeholder Group, the project team will facilitate three community meetings to engage the public in defining problems and concerns, and identifying their desires for the future of the JOSH community. Additionally, the website will be used to disseminate information about the Plan, as well as provide the community an additional means to offer input. Staff will create an electronic archive called the JOSH Journal, which will provide interested parties with an interactive tool to explore the project area via mobile devices or desktop computer.

The three community meetings were held:

  • View the Presentation from the first Community Meeting on March 26
  • View the Meeting Summary from March 26
  • Interactive Workshop held on April 16
  • Revised Image Preference Survey conducted on May 8, 2018

An additional Community Meeting will been added to the JOSH Small Area Plan. Please check back often for the scheduled date, time and location.

The past four meetings were held at the following location:

Chestnut Ridge Christian Church
2663 Johnson Ferry Road
Marietta, GA 30062

Want to provide feedback? 

Email the Planning Division.


JOSH Community Meeting

Josh Update (Nov 13, 2018)

The Cobb County Planning Division will be setting up three (3) additional community meetings. The meetings will be designed to refamiliarize everyone with the JOSH study and provide more opportunities for additional feedback.

The first of the three meetings will tentatively be in January, with the second and third meetings following in February and March, respectively. Once the dates, times, and location of the meetings have been set, we will post them on the JOSH project website. We will also be promoting the meetings through a variety of means, including temporary signs along Shallowford and Johnson Ferry Road, press releases, newsletters and social media. 

Milford Church/Osborne neighborhood mTAP Presentation

The primary objective is to inform the revitalization of the midcentury Milford Church/Osborne neighborhoods.

The ULI Center for Leadership - 2017 mTAP team has developed a set of recommended action items intended to encourage redevelopment within the Milford Church/Osborne neighborhood of Cobb County, including the revitalization of the area's commercial corridors and residential neighborhoods by:

  1. Reevaluating the current land use/zoning to identify strategic development nodes at key intersections that maximize existing infrastructure and encourage diversified non-residential uses along the corridor.
  2. Co-locating services at strategic nodes to attract needed services
  3. Improving access through future trail connections and street improvements

These recommendations also consider affordable housing, residential and commercial blight, and non conforming land uses.

View the Presentation

Purpose Built Student Housing

Cobb County has recently concluded the 2018 Purpose-Built Student Analysis, which was accepted by the Board of Commissioners at their October 23, 2018 meeting.  Purpose-Built Student Housing (PBSH) is a segment of the rental housing market aimed at college students.  While PBSH is being built across the country, it is relatively new to Cobb County.  In recent years, several PBSH apartment communities have been planned and/or developed, completely by private develpers, in the areas surrounding the main campus of Kennesaw State University (KSU).  Since 2012, six different PBSH projects have been constructed, both in unincorporated Cobb County and the City of Kennesaw.

The purpose of the analysis was to provide of an overview of PBSH, detail its unique characteristics, and identify the short-term and long-term effects of PBSH on the surrounding areas, Kennesaw State University, and Cobb County.  Read the PBSH analysis.