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Transportation SPLOST Projects

What's In It For Me Map
SPLOST Project Mapping

This map provides easy access to status updates for transportation, facility or park projects in Cobb County.  Search by street name and view projects within a 5-mile area.  Results can be viewed in a PDF report format, or simply click a project in the results panel for more information.

Utility Blueprints
SPLOST Project Information

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners maintains databases of all SPLOST projects in the county.

Project Selection

How Are Projects Selected for SPLOST Funding?

It all starts with a plan! Every five years, Cobb County takes a look at the existing and future transportation needs and updates its Comprehensive Transportation Plan. This process takes into account all methods of travel, such as driving, biking, and walking.  

This effort results in a list of long- and short-term project recommendations to address the county's transportation needs. SPLOST transportation projects are chosen from this list.