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Protecting Cobb’s Transportation Network

Picture of crew in front of litter picked up over one month in the county
May 20, 2022

Road maintenance involves more than simply maintaining a road’s surface. Although, Cobb DOT crews certainly fill their share of potholes. Our road maintenance crews form the backbone of Cobb DOT, supporting all departments and divisions in some capacity. Crews also provide invaluable services to Cobb residents. Their work on a daily basis helps protect Cobb’s investment in its transportation network.

Cobb DOT’s road maintenance crews are responsible for maintaining approximately 2,426 center-lane miles of roadway. That’s equivalent to a single lane stretching from Marietta to Los Angeles. In addition, crews are responsible for maintaining the right-of-way. That’s the buffer area that extends beyond the road surface and includes all elements of the roadway (i.e., sidewalks, guardrails, trails).

Route maintenance performed by crews on a regular schedule includes:

  • Grass cutting
  • Litter detail
  • Street sweeping

Other road maintenance activities occur in response to a reported or observed issue and can originate internally or in response to citizen requests. Crews are dispatched daily to address reported issues such as:

  • roadside trimming
  • pothole/asphalt repairs
  • concrete repairs
  • guardrail/bridge repairs
  • drainage infrastructure repair/maintenance

Outside of the regular workday activities, crews are called in when weather events occur, such as heavy rains, high winds, snow or ice. Crews work around the clock to clear roads of fallen trees and other hazards, address flooding issues, or treat roads for ice. For Braves games and large events, maintenance crews provide traffic control assistance, deploying barricades, cones, and signs. Crews also deploy traffic control equipment for lane/road closures and perform flagging functions for county-related projects when needed.

These are the often-unsung heroes who serve the public good every day with quiet dedication.

Thank you to all Cobb DOT’s road maintenance crews who work hard to keep Cobb’s residents and visitors moving.