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Join Cobb County in Celebrating National Transit Employee Appreciation Day

2024 Transit Employee Appreciation Day logo and employee collage
March 18, 2024

Behind the wheels of our buses and within the inner workings of our transit system, there are many unsung heroes. Bus operators, mechanics, dispatchers, and support staff tirelessly work to ensure the smooth operation of our community’s transportation infrastructure.

At Cobb County, our CobbLinc team works diligently to propel our community forward by providing a reliable service paired with excellent customer service. Rain or shine, they stand by us to ensure commuters have a safe and seamless journey.

March 18 is National Transit Employee Appreciation Day, a day to spotlight their dedication and hard work. Let’s seize this day to honor every member of this extraordinary team. During your next commute, express gratitude to your favorite CobbLinc bus operator, mechanic, dispatcher, or any other member of the CobbLinc team.