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Litter and Debris in a backyard

FAQ Topics

Can I get a continuance on my court date from my citation?

Continuances are granted through the Magistrate Court; you may call (770) 528-8900 to request a citation court-date continuance. Visit the Cobb County Magistrate Court’s page.

Can I pay my citation online?

Most citations may be paid online, no later than one week before the court date. Pay your citation online

I’m a tenant in a rental home/apartment and I need to report a property maintenance code violation. What can I do?

Landlords must abide by the GA Property Maintenance Code, mandated by the state. Problems relating to the health and safety of the occupants may be reported to the Nuisance Abatement Specialist at (770) 528-2044.

Can the county do something about mud in the streets?

Citizens, contractors, developers etc. can request an on-site visit/inspection to determine the cause by calling Erosion Control at (770) 528-2190.

Is the county responsible for removing trees, brush and related debris from creeks, streams and other waterways?

If applicable, Erosion Inspectors may be scheduled for an on-site inspection to investigate the problem and recommend a course of action. Please call our office at (770) 528-2190 for more information.

What can I do to minimize eroding stream banks?

Please contact Erosion Control at (770) 528-2190 for information on how to stabilize your stream banks.

Red mud is running into nearby retention ponds, lakes or other waterways in my neighborhood. Can the county help curb the problem?

For information regarding this matter please contact the Erosion Control office at (770) 528-2190.