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Why is addressing important?

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Street addresses help Emergency Responders, such as fire fighters, police, and paramedics, locate the correct property as quickly as possible. It is vital to maintain proper addressing to ensure the fastest response time in an emergency. 

Who assigns addresses?

Cobb County assigns all addresses for properties located in Unincorporated Cobb County. All parcels outside of unincorporated Cobb County receive an address assignment for the individual City of the property.   

For example, I have an address that is in Marietta, Georgia but I do not pay city taxes.  In this case, your address assignment falls within the Unincorporated Cobb County jurisdiction.

What's the benefit to proper addressing?

Accurate and consistent addressing information: (i.e. address numbers follow a designated pattern)

  1. May speed up emergency response time
  2. Ensures that packages, mail, and other deliveries reach you in a timely manner

What about GPS and Google Maps?

The Cobb County GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Section assigns addresses and distributes them to the Cobb County Emergency (E911) department. Google, GPS, and other external services link their database to ours. However, because external services updates are not controlled by Cobb County, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or update of external services data.   

My Neighborhood Interactive Map
My Neighborhood Map

Use the "My Neighborhood Map" to search for an address in Cobb County. Select "Search by Road Name" and type in the road name your property of interest is located on. 

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Street Name Checker

Wondering if a street name is available? Look it up using our Street Name Checker!

Addressing Requirements

Obtain a New Address

If a full site permit has been issued, we go ahead and address the property. If not, we send the customer to Site Plan Review.

Information required when receiving a residential address request:

General Requirements

Please Note:

  1. All addresses that fall in unincorporated Cobb County are assigned by the GIS Section of Community Development. 
  2. All street names are verified by the GIS Section of Community Development.
  3. Addresses are not assigned to Vacant Lots.

Unit Numbers/Multiple Occupants/Plazas/Commercial Buildings: Before Applying for a Building Permit:

Approved sites with multiple occupants must coordinate individual addressing with Cobb County's GIS Section before applying for a building permit.

  1. Applicant must submit the floor plans for every occupied tenant space on every floor.
    1. Plans must show each tenant's ingress/egress, walls, doors, street names, a north arrow, and site location layout.
  2. Addressing will provide you the proposed unit numbers for each occupied tenant space, which must be labeled on the construction plans as unit or suite #.
  3. The floor/construction plans are submitted to the Building Department by the applicant with the permit application.
    1. Plans must be labeled with the correct building address and unit numbers for every floor of the proposed structure.
    2. If any part of the building address or unit numbers are incorrect, the plan must be corrected an re-submitted.