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Schedule Your Inspection by TEXT | NOW AVAILABLE

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August 3, 2022

To schedule your inspection by text message, send "SCHEDULE" to 877-376-1455. 

To cancel your inspection by text message, send "CANCEL" to 877-376-1455. 

To check the results of your inspection by text message, send "RESULTS" to 877-376-1455.

Follow the interactive prompts for entering your permit number, inspection code, and other details. You must confirm your inspection by sending "CONFIRM."  If you do not finalize your inspection by sending "CONFIRM" your session will time out and inspection WILL NOT be scheduled. 


Download a brochure of these inspection codes.

Inspection Codes: 


111 Building Footing/Foundation

112 Building Rough Framing

113 Building Final

115 Building Slab

116 Building Wall Cover

117 Building Ceiling Cover

120 Insulation Inspection

551 Zoning Compliance Inspection


220 Electrical Rough

221 Electrical Under Ground

222 Electrical Wall Cover

223 Electrical Ceiling Cover

224 Electrical Final

225 Temporary Power Pole

226 Temporary Power Release

227 Electrical Slab

228 Electrical Low Voltage

229 Electrical Sign

230 Electrical mobile Home


331 Plumbing In Slab

332 Sewer

333 Plumbing Rough

334 Plimbing Final

335 Plumbing Gas Line

336 Water Line

337 Plumbing Wall Cover

338 Plumbing Ceiling Cover


441 HVAC Gas Line

442 HVAC Duct Work

443 HVAC Rough

444 HVAC Final

445 HVAC Wall Cover

446 HVAC Ceiling Cover


561 Erosion Violation Inspection

571 Pool Location Inspection

581 Arborist Inspection

600 Site Inspection

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