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Transparency Center

Board of Commissioners

Cobb County operates under the commission-county manager form of government. This system combines elected officials' policy leadership with a county manager's administrative abilities.

Town Hall meetings are listed for each commissioner on their page.

Open Records Requests

Cobb County follows state open records laws regarding retaining and releasing all applicable public records.

Our open records center is located in the county's legal department.  Due to the volume and specialized nature of county records, many departments have their own records custodians.  Our main open records center can direct your request to the proper custodian.


Cobb County appreciates any feedback received regarding the performance of any of our county's departments. Help us make our county better for you!

County Clerk's Office

County Code Books

The County Clerk is the legally mandated guardian of all instruments of public record of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners.

Internal Audit

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We support Cobb County Government by providing reasonable assurance that internal control systems and processes are adequate to mitigate the risks, governance processes are effective and efficient, and organization goals and objectives are being achieved as intended.

Procurement Services

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The Procurement Services Department strives to treat vendors and contractors equitably and fairly by promoting competitive marketing through solicitation of quotations, bids, and proposals.

Community Development

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The Community Development Agency fulfills its role by providing and, when necessary, enhancing the following programs as administered by its five divisions: Business License, Code Enforcement, Development and Inspections, Planning, and Zoning.

Police Department

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The Cobb County Police Department is committed to serving our community. We are entrusted with the sacred obligation of protecting Cobb County, and we will do so with honor, integrity, and respect for the dignity of all citizens.


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Cobb County Government utilizes a District Attorney, Solicitor General, Juvenile Court, Magistrate Court, Probate Court, State Court, and Superior Court to manage all court cases and trials within the county.

Tax Commissioner

The Tax Commissioner’s Office is established by the Georgia Constitution, and is responsible for every phase of collecting and disbursing ad valorem property taxes. Our staff is separated into a Property Tax Division and a Motor Vehicle Division.

Tax Assessor

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The Board of Tax Assessors, an independent body appointed by the Board of Commissioners, is responsible for placing a fair and equalized value on all taxable property.

Lobbyist Information

Cobb County utilizes lobbying services included in their memberships with the following organizations:

Association Annual Dues 2023
Association of County Commissioners of Georgia $72,250
National Association of Counties $12,971

Cobb County utilizes the lobbying services of the following firms:

Firm Fees Paid 2023
Dentons  (not to exceed) $204,000