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American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Cobb's ARPA Allocations

Cobb County's ARPA team has been distributing funds and moving into the reporting and compliance phase.  Applications are closed at this time. Thanks for your interest in our program.

About Cobb's ARPA Program

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Cobb County received approximately $147 million from the federal government's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).  The U.S. Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act in March 2021. It set aside funding for local and state governments to support public health, essential workers, and infrastructure measures and to lessen the negative economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In what Chairwoman Cupid described as a “pivotal moment in this county,” the Board of Commissioners approved $98 million in projects from the county’s ARPA allocation earlier this year.

“These funds will be transformational,” Chairwoman Cupid said.  “I’m proud of this board for being uniquely thoughtful in engaging with a consultant to see how we can be strategic in setting up our county for success in the many years and generations to come.”

The appropriations comprise most of the county’s $147 million allocation from the federal government.  Cobb County worked with a consultant to engage residents, nonprofits, and community groups in how best to distribute these funds.  Of the 261 applications received by the county, 85 received funding after extensive vetting through a committee process.

The ARPA funds will be distributed in five categories:

  1. Community Health ($24M)
    • Mental health programs for youth and adults
    • Public Health disparities include newborn health programs, Vision to Learn, and veterans’ programs.
    • Substance abuse programs, including opioid treatment and recovery initiatives, accountability court support, and Cobb County Board of Health’s Opioid Use Reduction Project.
    • Healthcare capacity includes support for the Good Samaritan Health Center and CDPH Community Health.
    • COVID-19 mitigation includes support for the Cobb Medical Examiner and Cobb Emergency Management Agency.
  2. Support Services ($23M)
    • Affordable Housing programs, including Habitat for Humanity.
    • Programs to combat homelessness and to support the homeless.
    • Rental and mortgage assistance programs.
  3. Economic Development ($22M)
    • Workforce programs, assistance for young professional development.
    • Small and minority business programs
    • Child care learning center grant program
  4. Public Safety ($10M)
    • Co-responder program for behavioral health emergencies
    • 911 clinician program
    • Case backlog court project
    • Cardiac monitors for first responders
  5. County Infrastructure ($19M)
    • CDPH South Cobb Public Health Center
    • Healthy county building initiative
    • Stormwater management project funding
    • Water pump station projects.
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Download our latest ARPA dashboard

See the latest on how much of Cobb's ARPA funding has been obligated, spent, and where it is going.


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ARPA Recipient Reporting Form

Click here to download the ARPA Awardee monthly reporting form

Rental/Mortgage assistance through Cobb's ARPA program

 The Board of Commissioners approved the distribution of ARPA funding to the following organizations to provide rental or mortgage assistance. 

Service Provider

Contact information


Program Start Date

Center for Family Resources



August 1

Family Life Restoration Center, Inc.

Angela Washington

Rental / Mortgage

February 1

Georgia Micro Enterprise Network

Jessica Roberson
678-515-3346 ext. 1

Rental / Mortgage

June 1

Giving Kitchen

Complete "Ask For Help" form at or Spanish at

Rental / Mortgage (Food service workers only)

June 1

Latin American Association

Ursula Davis


July 1

Loving Arms Cancer Outreach


Loving Arms Cancer Outreach

Rental / Mortgage (cancer patients only)

July 1

Ser Familia, Inc.

Ser Familia, Inc.
Emergency Assistance Department


July 1

Sweetwater Mission

Linda Van
 (770) 819-0662 ext. 16




Urban League of Greater Atlanta

John Armstrong

Rental / Mortgage


Youth Empowerment Through Learning, Leading, and Serving (YELLS)

Taylor Riggins

*Rental Assistance for families living on Franklin Gateway Blvd

August 1

Zion Keepers

Veronica Sigalo



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ARPA Information Meeting with Awardees and Deloitte

Click here to view an information meeting held on October 30 concerning the fund distribution and compliance process.

Cobb County ARPA legacy reference information and documents

Subrecipient Agreement FAQs
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF)

To increase compliance with applicable regulations, Cobb County has developed a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help clarify aspects of the subrecipient agreement. The following FAQs address subaward agreement completion and workflow.

  1. What is the County ARPA Contract No.?
    1. The ARPA Contract No. is the number of your individual sub-award. This number will be provided to you in your award notification email.
  2. When will my application be approved by the Board of Commissioners?
    1. The Board of Commissioners (BOC) will review applications on a rolling basis. Applications are added to the BOC agenda after the subcommittee and compliance review processes are completed.
  3. Where can I find more information about 2 CFR Part 200?
    1. The code of federal regulations (CFR) can be viewed online by visiting (2 CFR Part 200).
  4. What is the difference between the term of agreement and the dates the funds can be spent?
    1. The “Term of Agreement” begins when the agreement is fully executed by both parties and concludes on October 31, 2026. Subrecipients shall use the funds solely for the purpose stated in the application and during the covered period, consistent with the budget and timeline submitted with the application. The “covered period” begins on March 3, 2021 and ends on October 31, 2026.
  5. As a subrecipient, can I be reimbursed for administrative costs?
    1. Subrecipients may use funds for administering their program and should be included in the proposed budget as a separate line item. Further, costs shall be reasonable and allocable as outlined in 2 CFR 200.404 and 2 CFR 200.405. Pursuant to the SLFRF Award Terms and Conditions, subrecipients are permitted to charge both direct and indirect costs to their SLFRF award as administrative costs if they are accorded consistent treatment per 2 CFR 200.403. Direct costs are identified specifically as costs of implementing the SLFRF program objectives, such as contract support, materials, and supplies for a project. Indirect costs are general overhead costs of an organization where a portion of such costs are allocable to the SLFRF award, such as the cost of facilities or administrative functions like a director’s office.
  6. It is difficult for me to start a program with few funds due to COVID-19. Is there a way to receive advance funds to implement my approved program?
    1. Yes, you may contact the County to request an advance payment. Please see the ARPA Funds Disbursement Overview for more information.
  7. I do not have an E-Verify registration and I am not registered in Is this required?
    1. Yes, all subrecipients should be registered with both entities. Subrecipients cannot participate in ARPA-SLFRF funded programs without a Unique Entity ID (UEI), which indicates the subrecipient is registered to do business with the federal government. Please note the County will verify if the Subrecipient has an active registration with E-Verify on and on
  8. Will I be subject to a Single Audit?
    1. Subrecipients that spend $750,000 or more in federal awards from all sources (including SLFRF funds) during a fiscal year are subject to a Single Audit.
  9. What is the required length of time to retain records?
    1. Subrecipients shall keep all records of the project for a minimum of seven (7) years from the close of your program. The County and federal government may request access to all financial records and statements pertaining to the project(s). All records are subject to an audit.
  10. How will I know if the County will conduct site visits?
    1. Site Visits may be conducted by the County. Subrecipients shall submit a monthly fiscal and performance report detailing the distribution and impact of the financial aid to the subrecipient. The reports shall be received within thirty (30) days after the close of each month. The reports shall consist of a line-item breakdown of expenditures and indicate the amount of funds remaining to be disbursed, if any, and a detailed breakdown of agreed upon performance metrics. Required reporting metrics are subject to change monthly. The County reserves the right to request additional project information at any given time.
  11. What type of reporting will I have to complete and how often?
    1. In brief, applicants designated as subrecipients and contractors would submit a monthly report to include planned and actual expenses, milestones reached, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), outcomes achieved, any barriers to project implementation, stakeholder engagement, a brief narrative on upcoming phases, and any technical assistance needs. Included with the information would be all supporting documentation to support costs, e.g., receipts, invoices, etc. Your designation is determined after your initial application review. Please see the Reporting Requirements One-Pager and Reporting Requirements recording for more information.
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Investment Guidance and Principles

Click here to view Cobb County's investment guidance and principles that include federal requirements in addition to Cobb's principles.

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Click here to view a document outlining federal requirements all ARPA applicants should know about!